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jet skiJet skiing can be a lot of fun, unless someone is hurt. Our goal is to prevent anyone from getting hurt on the water. We offer a training course for all our riders in jet skiing, before they go out on the open seas. You don’t need any experience to rent our jet skis in Myrtle Beach. However, you should be aware of our safety guidelines.

Before you go out on the water with your friends and family, one of our staff will teach you, and all other jet ski operators in your group, safety tips. Below are some guidelines that we will discuss before you embark on your jetski adventure.

Always wear a life jacket. We have a lot of them and make sure all our jet skiers wear one before taking off. It should be snugly fitted and properly strapped. Life jackets that are too large or small will not work as well.

Keep your distance from other jet ski Myrtle Beach and watercraft. Maintaining a safe distance between you and other jet skiers will allow you to stop quickly in an emergency. Avoid wake jumping, splashing and moving too close to other vessels. Sometimes, a minimum distance of 200 feet from any object on the water is enforced as a rule.

Keep alert and be aware of what is happening around you. Continuously look out for swimmers, jet skiers and boats in the vicinity. Tunnel Vision is not something you should be doing! Tunnel Vision is when your eyes only see what is in front of you, and you lose sight of what might be behind you. To avoid any accidents, always look in all directions.

Be aware of your speed. Keep your speed low until you are in open water. You should always operate at a safe speed. In the event of an emergency, you can slow down or stop. You can choose the speed you feel most comfortable with. You can cruise at half speed if that is what you prefer. You can rent jet skis at any speed, but you must drive responsibly.

Never drink and drive. Although it may seem less serious than drinking while you drive a car or boat, alcohol consumption is one of the main causes of accidents in boating and jet skiing. Drinking alcohol can cause impaired judgment when you are behind the wheel of a jet ski or boat. Every state has laws against BUI. Even if you aren’t in an accident, boating under the influence can lead to serious legal consequences.

We are here for you. Our jetski guides are highly skilled and will be with you on the water for the duration of your rental. They will be there to keep you and other customers safe, and answer any questions. They don’t need to be followed around, and you are free to jet ski wherever you like within the riding area.

Do not let safety regulations and rules intimidate you. We’ll again give you a safety course, before you get on your jet ski rental. You’ll have a great time if you adhere to the safety guidelines and apply common sense on water. We are looking forward to having you out on the water with our company. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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