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jet skiWhile we’ve covered the important safety guidelines for when you ride a jet ski, a beginner may be wondering what to wear when jet skiing.

Don’t worry. You can wear a simple jet skiing outfit, such as a bathing suit, swim trunks, or wetsuit. And, of course, you will need a life jacket. Safety and comfort are the most important aspects of jet skiing. First, apply sunscreen and then dress as if you are going to get wet.

You will need to look at the weather report before you decide on what clothes to wear. What is the forecast temperature? Is it expected to rain? Is it going to be sunny? Before you choose your favorite bathing suit, these are important questions to ask.

You may need to rent a jet ski in the rain, depending on your vacation plans. Although it is best to rent a jetski in the absence of precipitation, this may not always be possible due to weather conditions.

Let’s take a look at what you need for your next experience with jetskiing and give some tips on how to dress for cooler weather.


Although it may sound like something your mom would say, sunscreen is essential! Even if you only plan to jetski for 30 minutes, sunscreen can make all the difference in a memorable vacation. Even on cloudy days, the UV rays can be intensified by the sun reflecting off of the water.

Cool Weather Option: You should still apply sunscreen. This simple step can make all the difference in whether you get sunburnt or not.


It is highly recommended to wear a bathing suit, but it’s best to think twice before you buy something too tight, baggy, or uncomfortable. Anything that restricts your movement while jet skiing is possible is not recommended. Wearing shorts is strongly recommended, as this will prevent rash rub and gripping the seat.

A t-shirt made of lightweight, breathable Lycra, nylon or polyester is the best option, especially as they are easy to dry. Avoid wearing anything that can rub or cause a rash.

Cool Weather Option: A wet suit is a great option if the forecast calls for cooler, more cloudy, or precipitation. It can be stored on your jetski until it is needed. Renting from Action Water Sportz does not require a wetsuit as you will only be jetskiing for 1 hour.


If you’re jetskiing, barefoot is your best option. A jet ski rental will require you to board from a floating dock. If the bottom is not sandy, water shoes may be an option. Water shoes are a good option if you jetski where the bottom is not pleasant to walk on.

When it’s cold or bad, you have two options: You can use wet-suit boots or wakeskate shoes. It’s worse to get your feet freezing while you jetski. These options can be used for jetskiing trips that last longer, but they are not required for renting a jetski.

Life Jacket

This is a mandatory item for jet skiing. To keep you safe on water, we provided life jackets in all sizes. We will make sure it fits perfectly. A life jacket too big could cause you to look crammed around your face. A life jacket too small might not keep you buoyant.

Style and comfort are not the most important aspects of life jackets. They are designed to protect you while renting a jetski. Safety first Safety first!


We recommend sunglasses depending on the location of the sun at the time you get a jet ski rental. You may not need sunglasses if you rent mid-day when the sun is directly overhead. We HIGHLY recommend that you wear sunglasses if you rent at night when the sun is beginning to set.

A strap will be necessary to secure your glasses. We have lost many of them. You can also get a pair of cheap Odyssea Watersports glasses (they float!) At the time you rent.

Option for Cool Weather: Weather doesn’t matter unless it is raining. Rain can cause irritation so eye protection is a must. Although it may still be hard to see, the sunglasses will prevent rain from directly hitting your eyes.


Customers prefer to wear goggles on days when the water is more rough. On windy days, water can spray at your face. Goggles, or sunglasses, can be very helpful. You can always keep them in your jetski’s glovebox and use them as needed.

Goggles for Cool Weather: These goggles, similar to sunglasses, are great for rainy days. While they won’t keep you warm, they will keep the rain from getting in your eyes. The goggles will keep water spray out of your eyes, even on rough days.

After Your Ride

A change of clothes, or at the very least a towel, is a good idea after a jet ski ride. You may need to change clothes depending on how far it takes to reach your destination.

Renting from Action Water Sportz will allow you to use their changing area before and after your rental. 

Cool Weather Option: It is highly recommended that you change clothes in order to get rid of the wet and cold clothes.

We hope you found this helpful. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Action Water Sportz.

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