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jet ski rentalsOne of the best ways to enjoy your summer is to ride a jet ski. Although they are easy to handle most of the time, accidents can still happen and that includes flipping the jet ski rental over. Once this happens you have to know what you need to do to avoid causing damage to the water craft and its engine.

Tips When Your Jet Ski Rentals Flips

You will find a sticker at the back of jet skis that tells you how you can right it. Be sure to read and understand the directions and follow them to the T. If you fail to do so, you might force the water into the crank case and you won’t be able to restart the jet ski. If the water gets into the crack case it could also cause damage to the engine. In case you have flipped the jet ski rentals North Myrtle Beach SC and then the engine continues to run, you should turn off the engine to lessen the possibility for water to be sucked in via the air intake. For most models of jet skis, you need to flip them over. Be sure to do it in a counter clockwise direction or in the direction that lets the exhaust is the last one that hits the water

In case the water is in the crank case, be sure to get your jet ski rental back to the shore. The next thing you should do is to get rid of the plugs. With the wires grounded and the plugs out, you need to crank the engine. You can avoid igniting fumes by grounding the wires. In most instances, jet skis will have a ground lug for the plug wires. You should dry and clean the plugs. Then add a tiny amount of fuel on its cylinder holes before you insert the plugs back again.

At this point, you are all set to crank it. In case your water craft starts but then stalls, you should dry and clean the plugs once again. There are instances when starting fluid cleans the plugs faster. You could keep adding starting fluid to the plugs and then keep on starting the jet ski’s engine until finally starts. When the engine successfully starts, allow it to run for half a minute and then put it back on the water. Allow it to run for a while and after five minutes, everything should be ok when jet skiing.

Allowing your jet ski to sit with water in its crank case for any period of time will destroy its engine. More damage will take place the longer it sits with the water in the crank case. It will not take that very long for the jet ski engine to seize up, for the crank bearings and the crank to rust and for the rings to take up the cylinder walls.

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