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boat rentalsMany boaters, both recreational and professional, believe that winter at sea is synonymous with bad weather. However, this is false. The worst storms that have caused the most damage to Mediterranean boating activities in recent years were in the late spring, summer and early autumn. You won’t believe this, especially in August. Winter boating is affected by the cold. This makes it more difficult to maneuver and creates anxiety when you’re on boat rentals.

A farsighted skipper should organize his crew to fight the cold and moist from October through February. Although it may seem obvious that dressing appropriately is important, our experience has shown that many people don’t know how to dress properly and stress others by complaining. Here are some tips to help you.

It is important to not only be warm and covered, but also to remain dry at sea. Non-rational dressings can cause moisture to condense quickly and leave the skin completely wet, even without any rain or water.

Boat Rental Tips: The best winter boat clothes to keep warm and dry

Flannel shirts and wool sweaters are preferred to goretex clothing, any non-breathable garment. Flannel shirts provide comfort right away and serve a thermal barrier function thanks to their dense weave.

A heavy flannel shirt is a better option than a light sweater with a high neck.

If you take a stroll in a port where fishing boats return, you’ll notice this is the winter uniform that all crew members wear. Fisherman have been testing the optimal transpiration of this clothing without ever having to consult any yachting magazines or authoritative sailing manuals. Wool provides warmth and keeps the skin warm, while flannel absorbs heat quickly, so it is ideal for keeping the body warm.

Fleece sweatshirts and suits were only recently introduced to the market. They are extremely efficient, even on the coldest winter days. These products can increase wool’s effect by up to 20 times. However, they do not require any special precautions. Winter boating requires that you always wear a jacket over your fleece. This will prevent air from entering the fabric and protects it from being damaged.

It is important to avoid condensation and stay dry when winter boating. Even if you wear a traditional plastic sailing jacket, fleece greatly reduces the risk. In winter, however, a Goretex garment is the best choice, even though they have a shorter lifespan than traditional sailing jackets.

Although I am not an expert in textiles, I believe in those with deeper knowledge. I was told that Goretex is extremely breathable and should never be folded because any fold could lead to water infiltration. Sailing jackets can lose their essence if they are used for a long time. As messy as I am, my goretex sailing jacket has lasted more than ten decades. It is still in great condition. Let’s just hope it lasts longer than that and I don’t need to get a new one.

Don’t forget to protect your neck with a wool cap or a ski mask. As well as protecting your neck from moisture, a spare wool scarf can be a great option.

There are two options for your hands when you’re on pontoon boat rentals: If you must work and need to keep your fingers senile, prepare to go. If you prefer to be on the helm or on guard, mittens may be the best option.

Your feet are the last thing you should be thinking about. Boat gloves today are boat boots. These boat boots, which unfortunately require a mortgage, are made from water-repellent, breathable, and anti-skid leather. Common rubber boats are great against water, but not as effective against cold. A pair of moon boots is a great choice, especially for those who have to stand still for long periods. These boots will keep your feet dry and warm, while also providing excellent grip.

It is clear. There are no application categories anymore and there is no difference between boat and ski clothing. It is the same goal: to be more comfortable, dry, and less warm. If your boat is still in water, and you don’t have any other obligations next weekend, regardless of whether winter has arrived in your region, why not take a little trip in a boat rental or jet ski rentals?

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