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jet skiYamaha WaveRunners are the perfect choice for anyone seeking a quality jet ski experience. With decades of industry knowledge and an unyielding commitment to excellence, you can trust that your ride will be nothing short of extraordinary. Get ready to see why riders everywhere just love their Yamaha!

Reliable Jet Ski

User Friendly and Intuitive

Enjoy a smooth, hassle-free ride on the Yamaha WaveRunner jet skis! With intuitive designs and user-friendly features, even beginners can easily navigate their way through the waters. Not only that but these reliable jet skis in Myrtle Beach also make maintenance work much easier for those who dread it – thanks to an engine setup that is straightforward yet powerful enough for you to enjoy your time out at sea.


Yamaha WaveRunners are an excellent choice for those searching for dependable and reliable watercrafts. With minimal maintenance needs and exceptional fuel economy, these marine vessels provide sustainable means of recreation while offering a solid return on investment in terms of riding experience.

Yamaha jet skis have been winning the hearts of riders for years thanks to their perfect blend of form and function. Not only do they look great, but each detail has a purpose – namely safety! So you can enjoy yourself knowing your well-being is accounted for by these dependable watercraft.

Have Fun

Get the jet ski rental experience of your dreams with Yamaha WaveRunners! Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out, seizing a chance for unforgettable thrills on one of these watercraft can make any excursion extra special.

Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy summer days out at sea with a dependable companion – Yamaha WaveRunner. This trusty engine is designed for safety, intuitive use, and easy maintenance so you can make the most of enjoying life on water without worry!

Every year Action Water Sports buys brand-new Yamaha Wave Runners to use for the season. Our guides are fully trained in the use of these jet skis. Your safety and enjoyment are our highest priority. Call us now.

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