There are many pros and cons to living and working in Myrtle Beach. It is a great place to retire but there may be some obstacles to those who have a family to raise. Always do your homework before relocating to the Myrtle Beach area.

Advantages to Living in Myrtle Beach

Weather— Some individuals like it hot. Well, count me in as one of them. When I moved here, everybody told me that the southern humidity would cripple me. It never ever did. While it was a little bit of an adjustment to get adjusted to the various type of air, I never ever felt as if I was drowning. The high temperatures and plentiful sunshine that accompanies the humidity is right down my alley. I am the kind of person that doesn’t mind 100 degree temperatures 3 months out of the year.

However, it took Halloween for me to really realize just how much I enjoy the climate of Myrtle Beach. Throughout the early morning and afternoon the sun elegantly shined down on us. The 80 degree day contrasted with the cold, windy, bleak, snowy days of previous Halloweens up north.

The Beach— They don’t put the 2nd word in the city name for absolutely nothing. I have actually grown to really like the ocean and marvel at its magnificence. I can own five minutes from my home and be on a gorgeous, non-tourist beach. I have begun many weekend mornings this way and the peace I get from it is extremely nourishing. Considering that showing up here, I have actually checked out other beaches in the area too and constantly find comfort understanding that I take pleasure in residing in a location where others go to holiday.

Geographical Place— The city that I live in is excellent because it supplies me great deals of choices when I wish to avoid it for a day or 2. Since of the location of Myrtle Beach, I am able to take a trip to a whole host of truly cool places. Both North and South Carolina have many historical and captivating cities that I can get to in no time. 2 of Georgia’s finest cities, Atlanta and Savannah, lie reasonably near to Myrtle Beach. You go a little bit more south and you remain in Florida! Up north the options many as cities like Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia are simply a day’s drive away.

Disadvantages to Living in Myrtle Beach

Traffic— Throughout tourist season, traffic can become a little frustrating. A notorious highway in Myrtle Beach that is essential to travel on to get to lots of places becomes a grinding halt. Vacationers not knowledgeable about the area make boneheaded mistakes that support traffic. Rush hour ends up being a nightmare. Considering that I go to work really early in the morning and because I utilize an alternative route going home at night, I do a respectable job at preventing the worst of it. However, I still spend my fair share of time in traffic every once in a while.

Poor Roadways — If the traffic on the roads wasn’t enough, the lack of maintenance really makes commuting in Myrtle Beach a challenge from time to time. I have no idea what it is, however I have actually never owned in a city that has more crap on the roads than in MB. Any given day I dodge roadway kill, garbage, lumber, plants, nails, and residues from other cars. It actually is a barrier course out there. One dark morning I ran over an enormous log, popping my tire immediately. I am scared to enter into turning lanes since these places usually have the most random scrap prepared to thwart your vehicle. If you might see the hodgepodge of items that wind up in the roadways here you would be extremely shocked.

Allergies— I had no concept I was prone to allergic reactions till I moved to South Carolina. I invested the majority of April putting up with a nasty cough, continuous watery eyes, and an irritating runny nose. The pollen here truly does impact your system. When I first moved here I silently dismissed individuals who informed me it may take some getting used to but now as I review it they were right.

Lack of Jobs – this has improved in the last year or so, however, if you are looking for a management position it may be hard to come by. The pay scale is generally lower in South Carolina than other states so take that into consideration before you move.