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sea dooA lot of things are happening involving climate change and one thing that’s noticeable is that summers tend to be later and continue into early fall. The recently concluded summer season was the best example. November may deliver warm temperatures as well as many sunny, bright days, which are ideal for Sea Doo riding.

Having said that, nights may be much colder so it may not be ideal to start as early as people usually do during summer, and keep in mind, daylight hours are much shorter, so you won’t be riding your jet ski as long.

Dressing For Fall Sea Doo Riding

As the evenings get colder, the mornings can become chilly and the heat doesn’t build up as much as in the middle of summer. One rule of fall Sea Doo riding is that you should dress up in layers. Layers are important to be warm and comfortable, so make sure to have long sleeves and pants.

It Is Less Crowded

Apart from the warm weather, early autumn Sea Doo riding is exceptional because of minimal boat traffic. Many boaters don’t go out following Labour Day, just like those who have personal watercraft. Many waterfront property owners show up only to store their boats and put their cottages away in preparation for winter.

This means that the waterways are less crowded even on weekends. It also means there is less wake and other boat turbulence for Sea Doo riders to deal with, fewer waits in locks, and more dock space at facilities and restaurants along shorelines. Make sure to double-check before you take your Sea Doo ride.

Fall Sea Doo Riding Is More Colorful

The main reason to ride a Sea Doo in the fall is the change in season. The autumn season has a completely different rhythm and atmosphere than summer.

It’s definitely worth the effort. The best part about autumn is the changing of the colors. The lush green of Myrtle Beach explodes in a riotous display of orange, yellow, and red. It’s best to take your jet ski rental out for a ride.

You can also show off your fall Sea Doo riding skills. Before you return your personal watercraft to the Sea Doo dealer for winterizing, consider extending your season and getting the most out of your PWC investment by going on at least one autumn Sea Doo ride.

Contact Action Water Sportz now if you’re interested in going on a fall Sea Doo ride. Call for reservations. Times vary depending on the weather.

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