Myrtle Beach Jet Ski

Myrtle Beach Jet SkiOne of the most exciting and fun water activities is riding a Myrtle Beach jet ski. As a matter of fact, there is nothing like turning the engine on and feeling the spray push you forward and nail that tight left turn that will push gallons of water into a magnificent wave.

Of course, you need to wear the right clothing if you want to have a great time. And it’s also recommended to bring a change of clothes if you have other activities lined up after your jet ski ride. Here are a few things you need to expect on what you need to wear on your next jet skiing trip.

What to wear when riding a Myrtle Beach jet ski?

Expect to get wet when you’re riding jet ski rentals North Myrtle Beach. Knowing what you have to wear when you’re doing it will help you win half the battle against sogginess. Here’s a guide to what you have to wear so you can enjoy the whole experience.


A bathing suit is one of the most common options when it comes to your jet ski riding attire. Whether it’s a full-body swimsuit, a two-piece swimsuit, or swimming trunks, you have to use standard swimwear.

You should also wear a comfortable bathing suit. Tight-fitting ones are excellent options if they’re elastic since mobility is important when controlling a jet ski. If you prefer swimming trunks, you need to look for the right balance between form-fitting design and breathability so you can enjoy your jet skiing adventure.

Water Shoes

You have to plant your feet securely on the sides of the jet ski so you can have a safe ride. Having the right footwear can help make sure that you’ll have a safe and fun experience. You’ll find several options when it comes to water shoes. You’ll find porous variations for better breathability while others are closed-toe if you want to keep your feet totally dry.

Life Vests

Safety is the most important part of jet skiing. That means you need to wear a life jacket whenever you ride one. Life jackets are worn by both crew members and passengers. A life jacket that’s fitted properly will help keep you safe when you fall into the water. Choose a well-fitted life vest for optimal safety and comfort.

Safety Lanyard

When operating your water bike, you should wear a lanyard on your wrist. The lanyard will then be attached to the key in the jet ski’s ignition. This setup is referred to as the kill switch cord. Basically, it will turn off the engine once you fall off the jet ski.


You’ll be exposed to the sun as you ride the waves and it will also reflect from the water, which helps ensure that your skin will get maximum sun exposure along with the painful sunburn that comes with it. Sunscreen isn’t really included in the clothing category but it’s best to wear it when you’re outdoors having fun. Mineral sunscreens are preferred over chemical variations.

Other items that you need to wear when you ride your jet ski include a tight-fitting hat, goggles, or sunglasses, gloves, as well as other water-resistant accessories like the ones that will keep your ID and certification safe and dry while you’re jet skiing.

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