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jet skiBefore you decide to rent a jet ski for some fun in the sun, there are important things to know. This will help you choose the right place to rent from and stay safe. Here are the key points:

Check for Jet Ski Condition

Take a close look at the Jet Ski’s exterior. If you see rust, corrosion, or noticeable damage, it’s a sign that the Jet Ski might not be in the best shape. Opt for a rental from a company like Action Water Sportz with well-maintained equipment to ensure your safety on the water. Older Jet Skis with visible wear and tear are generally less reliable and may be more prone to accidents.

Inspect Maintenance

Aside from the exterior, look for signs of proper maintenance. Check for holes, water leaks, or loose wires on the jet ski rental. These issues can pose safety hazards during your ride. Additionally, have a conversation with the rental company about the condition of critical components like the impeller blade and pump. These components must be in good working order to guarantee a smooth and safe Jet Ski experience.

Ask About Insurance

Accidents can occur despite your best efforts to stay safe. To protect yourself financially, inquire if the jet ski rental company offers insurance coverage. Some reputable companies provide insurance options for an additional fee. Having insurance can provide peace of mind knowing that you’re financially protected in case of any unexpected mishaps.

jet skiLearn How to Use It

Safety should always come first, so make sure the Myrtle Beach jet ski rental company provides you with a user manual and thorough instructions on how to operate the Jet Ski safely. Familiarize yourself with the controls and safety guidelines. Understand what to do in case of emergencies, such as how to stop the Jet Ski and what safety equipment is provided.

Check Seating

If you’re planning to ride solo, it’s more cost-effective to choose a single-seat watercraft. You won’t need the additional seats, and opting for a single-seat model can save you money on the rental fee.

Gas Policy

Clarify the rental company’s gas policy before you head out on the water. Some rental companies provide watercraft with a full tank of gas, while others require you to pay separately for the fuel you use. Knowing the policy in advance will prevent any surprises when it comes to refueling costs.


It’s not uncommon for Jet Ski rental companies to request a deposit upfront. This deposit serves as a security measure in case of any accidents or damage to the watercraft during your rental period. Be sure to inquire about the deposit amount and the conditions for its refund.

Take Photos

Protect yourself from potential scams and false damage claims by taking clear photos of the watercraft before you start your ride. Document any existing damage or issues you notice, so you have visual evidence in case there are disputes later on. This step can save you from unnecessary charges and ensure a fair rental experience.

Renting a Jet Ski can be a thrilling experience, but it’s crucial to prioritize safety and be aware of rental terms and conditions. Choose a reputable rental company that takes maintenance seriously, offers insurance options, and provides thorough guidance on operating the Jet Ski safely. By following these guidelines, you’ll be better prepared for an exciting and secure adventure on the water.

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