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Pontoon Boat RentalYou’re now a pontoon boat owner. You’re very lucky. You will be in serious trouble. You will also have a lot of fun with the vessel. Let’s look at some of the most fun and least fun ways you can play on (and off!) the water with your vessel.

Pontoon Boat Tips

The Floating Picnic site

We understand how difficult it can be to find the best picnic spot. You need to be able to compete with the other campers and tourists for spots at each public beach or picnic site. Believe it or not, pontoon boating can be transformed into picnicking pontooning days. You have plenty of space for food and beverages storage, as well as the tables and seating that you need. You can picnic on a dock or in a middle of a lake if you plan it well. You won’t see any ants organizing an attack on your potato salad bowl.

The Floating Partyboat

You don’t need a deck on a cruise ship to throw a party. We sure didn’t. A pontoon boat gives you all the space you need for dancing and playing some music. You can also store your mini bar, so you’re the host with all the best. You’ll need to be careful about how many people are allowed to board the party vessel. As captain, you will have the final say. This is a very important part of the party, especially during peak bikini season. With your pontoon boat, you can host different themes parties.

The Floating Fun park

Are you a parent of children? They’ll be the best little rug rats when they can show off the toys they’ve decorated their pontoon boats with. For the more adventurous, you can add a waterslide or beach toys to your pontoon boat. Your imagination is only as big as your imagination. Don’t be afraid to climb the wall with added accessories. You know you are creating solid memories for your spoiled rotten children. This move will help you get through summer holidays faster, even if you are a terrible parent.

The Floating Campsite

Pre-booking is required for most of the top campsites in your area. Sometimes, that means you need to plan ahead and call in your reservations for August in December. That guy is not you. Nobody wants to be that guy. You are already interested in pontoon boating. Did you know that there is a logical solution? It is true. Your pontoon boat can be used as a tent. You can park your pontoon boat in a spot that is convenient, then drape it with sheets or other materials. You will fall asleep faster than if you were to sleep on rocks.

The Floating Taxi

You might want to make some extra cash now that your child has paid most of their college funds into your pontoon boat, and other accessories. Establishing a shuttle service at the lake where you will be spending the next few week is one of the most effective and profitable ways to do this. Someone will need someone to go to the other side of lake to fetch bait, make beer runs or take them to their dock. This is where you can use your pontoon boating skills. You could be the pick-up and delivery guy. You can charge enough to make it worthwhile without ripping off anyone, and maybe even earn a few extra bucks.

The Floating Security System

You may have seen the kid at the other end of the lake with his drone and a camera. You can install a remote-controlled camera system to your pontoon boat. This will provide security for all at the campsite or lakeside resort, as well as spotting on the kids playing by the fire pit. You can offer your services to anyone, regardless of what your plan is. One-time fee or daily service could be charged. It’s a winning idea, we think.

The Not-So-Floating Island

We get it. Sometimes being proud to be a captain of a pontoon boat rental North Myrtle Beach SC can get us down. Others don’t get the importance of pontoon boat ownership or just want to have a miserable time. Many pontoon boat owners have considered this alternative. You simply need to fill your pontoons in with cement or sand and then sink them into the bottom of your favorite fishing spot. Although it may feel satisfying on one level you should also remember that you are creating an artificial reef which will encourage healthy marine life. Someone may claim that you are littering. They have never owned one.

The Floating Target

Hunting is a common occupation for pontoon boat owners. We won’t tell you why, but that’s a blog post for another time. This is why the off-season can be difficult for accurate shooters. You can make sure everyone stays on the same page if you have hunting buddies. You just need to load it with targets and decoys, then send it out in the middle of any lake or pond where no one hunts. This will help you keep your eyes sharp and improve your ability to aim, which will give you an advantage when hunting season comes around. Bambi will not be able to win.

The Floating Stunt Car

We can’t be the only ones thinking about the possibility of jumping over row after row of aluminum fishing boats in our Pontoon Boat Dukes of Hazard style. You wonder what floating water ski ramps are for after the water skiers have left? You just need to practice speeding up the ramp and shifting your weight so that you don’t flip or tip in midair before you crash down onto the water’s surface. Although it will take some practice to get the hang of it, once you have, you’ll soon be performing and putting on shows like a pro in no time. To be sure, you should confirm your insurance coverage.

The Virtual Pontoon Boat

You don’t have to be intimidated by any of these suggestions. A special type of sailor must admit that their second vehicle is a pontoon boat. It’s fine. We are used to the silly looks and the snide comments. We pontoon boating enthusiasts have to stick together. Think about what casual fishermen will do if we start firing back once we have circled our pontoon boats. The first victims of any skirmish involving a pontoon boat and a few weekend fishermen in aluminum boats equipped with electric motors are the guys in the belly boats. If you’re not sure, you can download the Pontoon Boat App and test it out on your smartphone to make sure you have what you need for this type of sailing.


Fishing for catfish, bass and lake trout is possible. You can either let them go, or grill them.

Pontoon boat rentals can pull a skier, or a kneeboarder.

If you’re new to boat-towed watersports, kneeboarding is a great place to start. Because of its low center of gravity, you can get on your board much faster than in wakeboarding and waterskiing. How do I get started with kneeboarding You must first choose between two types.

There are two types of trick boards: a slalom and a trick board. A trick board has a lot more curvature at the bottom and thick rails, while a board with slalom rails is flat at the bottom and has sharp rails. Although fins are not recommended for trick boards, slalom boards may have fins. Some boards have retractable fins that can be used in both the trick and slalom roles.

In Conclusion

Pontoon boating is something we absolutely love, if you haven’t already figured this out. A few people in our lives don’t understand what we love about this big, bulky floating thing. We know exactly what they are missing, and we will be sharing it with anyone who asks. To prove our point, we leap over twelve belly-boaters. We love pontoon boats and believe everyone should own one.

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