Are you planning your vacation this year? How about including a jet ski rental for your Myrtle Beach getaway? There are several rustic and scenic destinations that can accommodate the tourist who would like to take part in this fun and exhilarating sports activity. There are many jet ski companies found at the marinas and they offer sea doo rentals and jet ski rentals. What an exciting activity to include in such activities like hiking or maybe just relaxing near a campfire. To go on this kind of adventure though, the first thing you have to do is know more about personal watercrafts, the manufacturers that develop them, and the kind of people who use them.

What is a personal watercraft?

A PWC or a personal watercraft is made with an inboard kind of motor. Apart from that, a jet pump provides it with the means to travel at speeds that could range as much as 55 miles per hour or more. Jet skis are the generic term that is used for personal watercrafts and is also a trademark registered name of a personal water craft that is built by Kawasaki. Another generic name is Waverunner. It is used by people who refer to a personal watercraft that is built by Yamaha. Meanwhile, Bombardier as well as Aqua Trax manufactured the Sea Doo and it is made by Honda.

Jet Ski Rentals Are A Popular Choice

Based on statistics, about 20 million Americans enjoy riding a jet ski Myrtle Beach every year. Watercrafts are available in sit down and stand up models with most participants preferring the three and four-seat PWCs. A solo craft is also called the stand up model while the sit down model is also referred to as a sport craft. The majority of families as well as beginners prefer jet ski rentals specifically the sport crafts because the rental rate for this option is more affordable than others. Apart from that, sport crafts offer bigger storage room. Additionally, several places that offer daily jet ski rentals won’t charge for more passengers.

The Jet Ski Rental Costs

The jet ski rental cost is relative to where you would like to rent one. In case you would like cut back ab it, you are most likely better off if you rent from a shop that also rents PWCs. However, there’s one concern and that is the fact that you need to provide your own equipment to tow them to the lake or beach yourself. If that’s the case then you might not mind spending a bit more money over by patronizing one of the marinas where you will be staying and finding a place that provides jet ski rentals there.


Going for a jet ski rental to explore the beauty of the lake or beach is cheaper than chartering a boat. With today’s advanced technologies, jet skis have become easy to handle. They also offer a smoother ride thanks to their direction injection engines, which gives them the additional boost they require to glide over the waves without too much effort.

Call Action Water Sportz if you are thinking of renting a jet ski for your upcoming vacation in Myrtle Beach.

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