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jet ski Myrtle BeachWe are beginning to feel the summer heat and that means water activities are ramping up, too. Jet ski Myrtle Beach is on top of the list of past time activities for water enthusiasts. It is an outdoor activity that the entire family can enjoy but it also has a lot of risks. There are ways for you to reduce the odds of getting injured and that is by taking extra safety and precautionary measures. Provided below are some of the best safety tips you need to know.

Life Jacket

Don’t be like other people who forgot or just do not want to wear life jackets when riding jet skis and participating in other kinds of water-based activities. If you are going to wear one, be sure that it fits you perfectly. If you are wearing an oversized life jacket, the water will push it up to your face, making it difficult for you to float. Meanwhile, wearing a life jacket that is too small will also make it hard for you to float. Both kids and adults need to wear life jackets that match their size. It will help lessen the risks of drowning and other injuries. The life jackets should also be checked and approved by the US Coast Guard.

Watercraft Helmet

You should also wear a watercraft helmet. It can help prevent head injuries in case you are ejected from the jet ski rental that you are riding. It can also protect you against flying debris. It reduces the chances of injuries and even death. Although watercraft helmets are recommended for jet ski riders below the age of 18, in most states, there is no law mandating its use.

Regular Maintenance

Equipment failure is the most common cause of accidents. This can be prevented by regularly maintaining the jet skis. Before you take your PWC out on the open water, you have to check the jet ski Myrtle Beach maintenance checklist and tips. You also have to do this once you return. Oil levels, cables, and the fuel should be checked. Before you launch, don’t forget to start your engine on land. If you have to store your PWC for winter, you need to winterize it properly.

Jet Ski Lift

Jet skis are typically left out in the water floating when they are not being used. This is not ideal because it can lead to additional deterioration. Its functionality will be affected if marine build-up gets into the interior of the jet skis. You can prevent this from happening if you through drydocking. Experts recommend jet ski lifts. When you dock the jet ski, you can raise it out of the water by using PWC floating lifts. It simplifies drive-on docking and much safer too. They work well in shallow water and other water levels. A floating jet ski lift can also be easily stored indoors along with your jet ski during winter.

Don’t Drink

One of the main causes of watercraft accidents is alcohol. Don’t drink if you are planning to operate a PWC. If you do, your judgment, coordination, and reaction time will be impaired significantly. If you want to drink then stay away from the water.

No Speeding

Just like on the streets, another leading cause of accidents is speeding on a jet ski. Speeding will cause to follow another PWC rider too closely. Ou needs to set a good distance between you and others so you will have enough room to stop. Always keep a safe speed as well as distance when you are out in the water. Doing so will help you reduce your risks of getting involved in an accident.

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