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Summer is the perfect time for boating and enjoying water activities under the sun. However, it’s essential to remember that it can get dangerously hot during this season.

Renting a pontoon boat or jet ski in the heat for long hours can be challenging, but taking proper safety precautions is crucial. Follow these easy summer heat safety tips to stay cool and comfortable all day when you go on boating in Myrtle Beach:

Summer Boating Heat Safety Tips

Stay Hydrated: Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. When it’s hot, your body sweats to regulate its temperature, so it’s important to replenish fluids regularly.

Even if you don’t feel thirsty, drink water to prevent dehydration and the risk of sun or heatstroke. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as they can worsen the effects of the heat.

Avoid the Hottest Times: Try to plan your activities while riding a pontoon boat rental during the coolest parts of the day, typically from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. If you must go out during the hottest hours, make sure to drink plenty of water.

Protect Your Eyes: Use polarized lenses to protect your eyes from intense UV rays and glare on the water.

boatingUse Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen regularly to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, even on cloudy days. Adults should use a minimum SPF of 15, while children should use at least SPF 30. Choose a waterproof and sweat-proof sport sunscreen and reapply it multiple times throughout the day.

Wear Protective Clothing:

Opt for light, loose-fitting, breathable clothing in light colors. Long-sleeve tops and long pants can provide additional protection while keeping you cool.

Avoid shoes and socks, as they trap heat. Instead, wear sandals or open-toed shoes. Wear a hat, preferably with a wide brim, to shield your face, neck, ears, and shoulders from the sun.

Use the Buddy System: Avoid going boating alone on hot days. Bring a buddy along to watch out for each other and help in case of heat stroke.

Bring a Mister: Portable misters filled with ice-cold water can provide instant cooling throughout the day.

Take Cover: If it’s extremely hot, seek shade whenever possible. If your boat has a cabin or shaded area, take breaks there. If not, divide your fishing trip in Myrtle Beach with a mid-day break and go back to shore for lunch or a rest.

Take a Dip: Cool off by taking frequent dips in the water. Enjoying the water is a great way to stay cool while boating.

By following these simple summer heat safety precautions, you can enjoy your boating adventures while staying safe and comfortable in the hot weather.

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