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jet ski rentalsNow that March is already here, Myrtle Beach residents are preparing for spring. A lot of those avid warm weather water junkies will dive into boating activities as soon as they get a chance. That is just around the corner. Spring Break is almost here and many are excited to go jet skiing and boating, particularly young adults and college students. Unfortunately, boating and riding jet ski rentals come with the risk of preventable injuries and accidents.

Each year, people throughout Myrtle Beach are hurt in various accidents on the water. Reports revealed that there have been more than 3,300 boating related casualties every year. Most of those accidents happen on conventional motorboats and personal water crafts as well as jet skis. The most common injuries suffered by water travelers are trauma caused by collisions and drowning.

This year, promise yourself that you and your loved ones won’t’ be one of them. Many jet ski and boating accidents are totally preventable. Before you get on the water and enjoy the sun, take the time to review the basic safety measures when riding a boat or jet ski.

Boat & Jet Ski Rental Safety Tips

Acknowledge the Dangers of Alcohol

Alcohol has a role to play in many boating and Myrtle Beach jet ski rental accidents. Beginning with spring break parties and moving through the season, cocktails, tossing back beers, as well as other spirits is a traditional part of most water gatherings. But you need to understand over indulging too much on the water. As a matter of fact, state laws treat boating under influence or BUI just as they do drunk driving. That means, do not pilot a vessel while drunk and don’t go with those who drank too much.

Wear Life Jackets

Sometimes the most basic tips are tend to be the most important ones. Drowning accidents and even death are a few of the most common water accidents. If life jackets are worn, the chances of drowning are lowered dramatically especially for younger boaters. Don’t take the risk and just wear your life jackets.

Trained Drivers Only

You wouldn’t want an unlicensed driver driving your car right? So, that means the water vessel like a jet ski should only be driven by someone who has had proper training. Studies hint that driver error is one of the causes of three out of every four boating accidents. Make sure that only experienced operators are driving the vessels all the time.

Equipment Must Be Safe Always

It doesn’t matter how careful you are when you are on water, if the vessel or the equipment is not working well then accidents will be inevitable. Before you go out, be sure to conduct a vessel check. This will help make sure that your jet ski or boat in working correctly and that the right safety equipment is present. It’s not too much to ask to check everything first before heading out to the water. This can be the difference between life and death.

Know When You Should Stop

Some boating accidents are far more dangerous than others. For instance, if the weather suddenly turns for the worse and the water becomes unmanageable, then you should play it safe. Additionally, if a certain area appears overcrowded, it is better to avoid tubing, skiing, or using jet skis where collision is common.

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