dolphin watching

dolphin watchingIt is not difficult to figure out if the ancient mysticism linked to dolphins is the reason behind their charm. For adults, it’s mainly the famed TV series called Flipper that made them appreciate how amazing these creatures are and that’s why many of them want to see one in real life.

Meanwhile, the younger generation think that it’s, sadly, the widespread popularity of aquatic theme parks and dolphin shows. From Denmark to Disneyland, Malta to Mexico, people are flocking to see dolphins do what they do best, keep people in awe of their magnificence.

As the word spreads about the issues involving keeping wild animals in tanks for human’s amusement, a lot of people are turning to the wild to feed their curiosity – they touch, swim, and even kiss the dolphins.

You can go dolphin watching to see them in the wild, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, let them act as they would like to and that means no snuggling, touching, or kissing. Remember, the sea is their world and you need to let them occupy it peacefully. If you respect them and their home, you will have the chance to see them play in it. The industry is starting to realize that there is more to enjoying watching dolphins than just the money they can earn. It’s at the hands of the skipper to make the dolpin watching trip a responsible or irresponsible one.

Here at Action Water Sportz, we will prepare for your exciting sea adventure and make sure that it’s something that you will remember forever. This includes dolphin watching. Here are a few reminders during the trip.

Dolphin Watching Reminders

  • During a dolphin watching jet ski trip in Myrtle Beach, watch them from a distance. Don’t get too close. This will keep you and the dolphins safe. According to the NOAA Fisheries, watchers should observe these amazing creatures from a distance of at least fifty yards.
  • Wait until the dolphin comes to you. It is illegal to lure them to get closer to you.
  • Never feed the dolphins. They have everything they need and that includes their food.
  • Be kind to Dolphins.
  • Waterproof your camera. Obviously, you want to capture this unforgettable moment. So be sure to bring your camera. But don’t forget to water proof it.

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