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jet ski rentalsYou are planning a family vacation and want to find things you can do together. Riding jet ski rentals isn’t something you should leave off your bucket list. Your kids can go along with you as long as they have a personal flotation system and are placed between two adults if they’re very young.

Jet skiing with children is a fun and enjoyable Myrtle Beach watersports that can be enjoyed by all ages, but it requires some planning, thought and preparation.

Jet Ski Rentals: Where do you start?

Coast Guard guidelines state that children must weigh at least 18 pounds. Personal flotation devices should be able fit properly on when going out in the water using a jet ski or boat. Children should be taken on a smooth ride, and kept in calmer waters.

What should you do with your child?

If possible, it is best to place your child between two adults. Although your child might want to ride in front to feel the waves, there is a risk of their face getting into contact with the handlebars if you slow down or go through rough water. Your child will love riding on the jet ski, even if they are seated with two adults.

If your kid goes into the water, you must know how to respond.

If your child is unable to control the situation, assume there are two adults. The adult in the back should take charge and tell the driver to stop the engine. Make sure you check for potential dangers and boat traffic before you let the adult in your back get in the water. Next, swim to your child while keeping your head above water. Make sure you are able to see them clearly and then help them to get back on the watercraft.

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