pontoon boatNot everyone can own a pontoon. If you don’t own one, you can rely on Action Water Sportz to charter one for you. One of the great things about pontoon boats, apart from being easy to operate, is that they are spacious enough to hold families. For people who enjoy fishing, sightseeing, or cruising, these watercraft are definitely a viable option. At Action Water Sportz your Myrtle Beach pontoon boat rentals, we pride ourselves in guiding people who are completely new to boating through the steps that they need to take to learn how to operate and also maneuver these watercraft. Most of the time, people who are not familiar with pontoons worry about not being able to steer a pontoon properly.

It Is Simpler Than You Think

Driving a pontoon boat has a lot of similarities to driving a car. In fact, most of the principles and etiquette are the same. Simple things like observing speed restrictions, observing right-of-way, and being courteous to other people on the water go a long way in ensuring that you and other people enjoy your time on the water.

The beautiful coastline at Myrtle Beach makes it a perfect place for going on a pontoon ride. Spending time on the water with your friends and family is a second-to-none experience. Before leaving the dock,  you will be guided through the current boating laws. Being familiar with the laws is a great step towards you having a safe and thrilling boating experience.

Here are some of the priorities to keep in mind when renting a Myrtle Beach pontoon rental:

Safety first

Keeping everyone safe on the pontoon boat and around the beach is a job that we take very seriously. Before your boat leaves the dock, we make sure that everyone is briefed and clearly understands all the safety guidelines.

For instance, we stress the importance of wearing life jackets. We have a whole range of life jackets that will properly fit any body size. Wearing a life jacket should never be “optional”, especially for children.

Before any group sets out on an expedition, everyone will be taken through the basic boating rules. Keeping the weight equal on both sides of the boat is one important rule. We also insist that everyone keeps their hands or feet inside the boat always. Children should not be allowed to run around in the boat while it’s moving.

A pontoon ride is fun

Apart from insisting on all safety issues, we also make sure that everyone has fun while on a pontoon boat ride. Here are some tips that we recommend:

Carry enough treats for everyone

Yogurt cups, ice pops, fresh fruits, juice, and water are some of the things you should pack in a cooler to make your expedition even more fun. They are not only refreshing in the hot sun but they also keep the whole team hydrated.

Plan your activities in advance

If you are going out with kids, take some time to plan on some activities that will keep them engaged the whole time. Activities such as fishing and tubing will make the excursion a lot of fun for the kids.

Apart from all the fun and excitement, a pontoon ride has a lot of learning opportunities. It exposes you and your children to marine life and offers a chance for friends and families to enjoy quality time.

It is time to put a pontoon ride on your list of activities and call Action Water Sports today to reserve your boat.

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