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jet ski rentalsIt’s hard for summer to come after a long and cold winter. My family has begun planning for our annual trip to northern Wisconsin. At last the weather is improving. Many people are excited to get jet ski rentals this time of the year.

You’ll find a lot of places that offer jet skis rentals and boat rentals that you can use for a day, a week or more. Many places offer many options. This is perfect since not everybody like the same thing. You will find a policy that will include automatic coverage for the physical damage when the jet ski is damaged. It would also cover the liability for any sustained injuries that you may have caused to someone else where you were driving the jet ski rentals Myrtle Beach.

This coverage is provided automatically and we don’t need to purchase insurance from the rental agency. My policy provides coverage for the homeowner’s section. However, it may also include the umbrella portion.

If you have an insurance policy, you will also have this coverage. You only have as much coverage as the policy limits. When you have a homeowner’s personal insurance coverage, this will include your jet ski or boat rental if you are liable for any injuries.

Your personal liability limit would also be impacted by the physical damage limit. If you’ve got $100,000 in personal liability, this would be your physical damage coverage limit. This would also covers damages to the boat or jet ski rental.

Remember that this feature is a part of some policy. If you don’t have it, your agent might be able to help you find out if you are covered when you use a jet ski rental or a boat rental.

These safety resources and tips will help you stay safe when you rent a jet ski in Myrtle Beach.

Jet Ski Rentals Safety Tips

Learn about the U.S. Coast Guard regulations and laws.

Learn the on-board warnings and information on your boat or jetski by reading your owner’s manual.

Always wear a life jacket. Although this may sound like common sense, it can be hard to keep your eyes on safety when you are riding in a boat or jet ski. A life jacket acts as a seatbelt. You should always wear it, as it can help you survive an accident.

Make sure you have enough fuel for your boat. You should have a life jacket for every person aboard. Children should not wear an adult life jacket. You should also ensure that you have enough water, sunscreen, medication, snacks, and other essentials if you plan on spending the day at the lake. In case of emergency, be sure to have a flare, maps, flares and other communication devices.

Always bring a backup. You should also bring a backup if you are boating with family or friends. A boat with children and one adult is not safe. It’s important that the passenger be familiar with the boat so they can safely return you to land if the primary driver becomes incapacitated or injured.

Pay attention to the weather. The weather in summer can quickly change. You should pay attention to the weather forecast in your area and sign up for weather alerts sent directly to your smartphone.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Boat traffic can be very heavy depending on the season. Keep an eye out for what’s going on around you. Always have a spotter in case you need to be alerted if a skier or tube is pulled behind your boat or jet ski rentals Myrtle Beach. 

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