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jet skiIt’s a fact that when you are riding a jet ski, a fall is just around the corner. If in case you accidentally fall off your jet ski while you’re out in the water, you need to know how to recover your personal watercraft and get back on.

It does not matter if you are the best jet ski rider because accidents can happen anytime and that includes falling off your jet ski. Of course, you do not want fall off your watercraft and that’s why you have to learn how to balance and ride a jet ski properly. That includes sitting down on the jet ski seat with your feet placed forward on its running boards and your back bet a bit. This is a safe and stable position and it will allow you to better absorb the shock of rogue or larger waves, which could be the reason why you’ll fall off your jet ski Myrtle Beach.

Obviously, fall can still happen anytime, and in case you really end up in the water, you must first swim back to your jet ski and grab the reboarding handle of the vehicle using one of your hands. After doing that, grab on to the back of the jet ski at a place that offers you the most leverage so you can pull yourself up. In case your jet ski does not have a reboarding handle, you just have to hold on to the back with both of your hands.

When you’ve got a good grip, try to thrust yourself up while kicking both of your feet in the water. When you’re on the jet ski, place your feet to a spot where you can regain balance faster. Then sit back carefully and then get a hold of the handles. Lastly, reattach the safety lanyard and then start the jet ski rental back up.

Remember with Action Water Sportz you are always with a guide to assist you if a fall happens.  It is not too late to enjoy a great day of jet skiing in Myrtle Beach. Call us now if you want to book a jet ski rental.

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