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pontoon boat rentalAction Water Sportz loves fall and all that comes with it. While it is true that you will need to put away your summer clothes for the season, this doesn’t mean that your fun on the water should stop! These are the 3 reasons we love riding a pontoon boat in the fall as we enter the cooler months.

Reasons To Get A Pontoon Boat Rental

1. Beautiful Views

Myrtle Beach and the ICW are stunning in summer, it is obvious. It is a wonderful place to spend a summer day, with its bright blue skies and green trees. There is something special about riding along alongside the golden yellow, orange, and red trees in autumn. The difference in the appearance of the water will amaze you if you spend time there regularly. If this is your first visit, you will be in awe at the beauty of the landscape and want to return every time. You should get in touch with Action Water Sportz for affordable boat rentals.

2. Comfortable temperatures

It’s refreshing and fun to spend time on the ICW on a hot summer day. But if you want to just cruise in a pontoon boat around, it’s likely you’ll feel uncomfortable. The gradual cooling down of autumn is something we all can enjoy on the water. The crisp autumn air is the best way to get outside and enjoy it!

3. Less traffic

We love boating in the fall because there are fewer people out on the water. There are fewer people on the sandbars and you can enjoy calmer waters. You can pack a picnic and enjoy lunch on your boat in the fall. There won’t be many boats passing by making waves, so it’s a great time to bring a picnic. You may be able even to score a special deal because it is off-season for most pontoon boat rental in Myrtle Beach.

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