pontoon boats

pontoon boatsThe advantages of renting are obvious. You will have carefree time enjoying the water without worrying about the down payment or having to pay monthly loan or docking/storage bills, or even seasonal maintenance. You may not even require a tow vehicle. It is a wonderful way to attempt a model, style, new location or lake for an affordable price. At rates from a few hundred bucks a day to several hundred, as well as fuel, you are still paying a bit operating and ownership costs. Even though going for a pontoon boat rental for a few days will most likely let you score a discount.

Key Boat Rental Tips

Finding and selecting a pontoon boat rental company

Check the internet for boat rentals and your destination region or lake. You can even get in touch with the local chamber of commerce or your local tourism office. The local marina may even have a rental fleet or perhaps know someone who does.

What size and type of boat?

Size depends on the local rentals and waterway are likely well matched. The type? A deck boat or bowrider is a great option for touring, a pontoon for large crown relaxing, as well as a fishing boat for obviously, fishing. Let the rental company know that you would like to do so they can help you find the best possible boat rental for your needs.

What Is The Rental Agreement?

Rental agreements differ from one company to another so be sure to read yours closely. There are those that limit how far you can travel from the launch ramp or the port. Other people will ban you from towing tubes or skiers or from operating the boat in the evening. Normal wear and tear is the problem of the rental company while other damages as well as soiling will be your responsibility.

How about insurance?

The liability of the Myrtle Beach boat rental company must be listed in the agreement. You usually agree to accept all of the responsibility for everything that will happen regardless of the cause including the damage to the motor or the boat so spend some time with the agreement. You may even ask your insurance agent or attorney to read it through.

Vessel Check

Before you accept the keys, check the boat for dents, scratches, stains, windshield cracks, broken, missing or loose fittings as well as prop damage. Look for anything that you don’t want to be blamed on you. Be sure to list all of them on the agreement before you sign them.

Qualified Driver

Every state has varying age requirements for boat operators, and a lot of them require them to complete and pass a boat safety course. Ask the pontoon boat rental Myrtle Beach company about the rules on the place where they operate. Although most peer to peer and a few commercial rental companies make you swear that you are experienced when it comes to boats of the kind that you want to rent, a few commercial outfits do not and some will offer instruction for a fee.

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