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pontoon boatsThere’s nothing more enjoyable than spending an afternoon with family and friends on a pontoon boat rental. Whether you’re experienced or a newbie in boating, it’s best to check the boating rules to make sure that everybody stays safe during the trip. This is true if you’re considering renting a pontoon boat. Before you do that, here are some boat safety tips you need to know.

Tips To Keep Your Pontoon Boat Rental Trip Safe

There are safety kids at home and in your car so why not have one on the pontoon boat rental Myrtle Beach as well? No matter how big your vessel is, you should be prepared in case of an emergency. There are a few essentials you need to bring.

Flashlight – nothing’s much worse than having to squeeze in a dark area with no light on. You need to have a flashlight readily available in case you get stuck in the dark. Make sure to bring extra batteries with you as well.

Distress flags – displaying distress flags is among the easiest ways to get seen by other boaters if there’s an emergency. But, flags can be difficult to see during the evening so it’s better to pair them with a flares or any pyrotechnic distress signal.

Whistle – distress flags and whistles go hand in hand. Aside from a VDS, you need a loud whistle that can catch the attention of others. Regardless of what you do, be sure that your whistle is waterproof. Because if not, it will be rendered useless.

First Aid Kit – A first aid kit may look slightly different from the usual first aid kids that you’re used to using at home. Aside from other essentials such as antihistamines, gauze, and bandages, you need a seasickness tablet, electrolyte powder or tablet, and a jellyfish sting relief.

Fire extinguisher – just because you’re surrounded by water does not mean that your pontoon boat rental can’t catch fire. In some cases, it can. Having a fire extinguisher on board will prevent the fire from spreading once it breaks out. Before you board the boat, be sure that everybody on the boat knows where the fire extinguisher is located so they know where to go in case there’s a fire on the boat.

Check the weather conditions – before heading off to the water, you should check the weather conditions first. Since the weather can be quite unpredictable, you need to be prepared as much as you can. If you are going to a new destination, you also need to know the local temperatures in the area.

Wear the right life jackets – The U.S. Coast Guard mandates that at least one jacket for each person on board. You need to make sure that you and all those aboard wear a life jacket that fits them perfectly when you ride a boat rental.


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