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pontoon boat rentalWhat is a heat stroke? How does it differ from heat exhaustion? Here are a few things you need to know before you board your pontoon boat rental.

Heat exhaustion can quickly develop in the summer heat. It can occur suddenly or gradually over time. It is often precipitated and exacerbated by heavy sweating and dehydration. If left untreated heat exhaustion can lead to heatstroke, which can be life-threatening. We have tons of suggestions to help you avoid the heat exhaustion that can ruin your boating experience.

What are the signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion?

There are many symptoms that can indicate heat exhaustion. Most common symptoms include pale, clammy and damp skin, goosebumps, nausea, heat cramps and headaches. These symptoms should prompt you to move to the shade and drink cool water. This will help prevent heat stroke. You can also try to cool them down by putting them on a towel or sponging them with cold water. If you are quick and follow these instructions, they will respond quickly and should be ready to go in no more than an hour. If they don’t respond in less than an hour, it’s time to call for help.

Not only are there many symptoms of heat stroke, but also more severe symptoms. Untreated heat stroke can lead to confusion, irritability, seizures, and other mental problems. Instead of the initial clammy goosebumps, this stage will cause your skin to feel hot and dry. You may also stop sweating. Your skin may become bright red. You may experience nausea, vomiting, and rapid breathing. As your body attempts to cool down, you may feel a throbbing headache and a racing heart. These symptoms can indicate that the sufferer may be in grave danger.

If someone does not respond to heat exhaustion treatment and is instead showing signs of heat stroke, call emergency services immediately.

How can I keep cool when riding a pontoon boat rental?

These conditions are extreme and frightening, we know that. These conditions are rare because they can be prevented. These illnesses can be avoided with a little planning and common sense. Here are ten great tips to keep you safe and comfortable while on a pontoon boat rental in Myrtle Beach.

Keep your head down and stay in the shade. This may seem obvious but it’s easy to forget especially when you’re having fun. When possible, keep your body cool to prevent heat stroke.

A cooler is a must-have.

It’s obvious that everyone should bring a cooler to the pontoon boat. You may be surprised. Many visitors from other states underestimate the intensity and beauty of South Carolina’s climate. They bring only a few cold drinks to take out on their boating trips. It is important to bring plenty of water and snacks for all your guests, especially if there are children with you.

Wear a hat

Hats are great for keeping cool. The sun can quickly heat up your head, which is highly sensitive to temperature. If you feel the heat coming on, you can either dip your hat into the ocean, your cooler, or just give it a good rinse with cold water. The water will evaporate and your hat will cool down almost immediately.

Boat air conditioning

If you feel the heat or the deck is heating up and you have to stop, grab any water you can get and saturate the entire deck. The water will cool down the deck and the air above it as well as everyone else on board. This is a great way of easing the transition from boating to docking or anchoring. It can be quite jarring to lose wind caused by the vessel’s movement when it’s trying to keep off heat.

Ice to the rescue! If you have a cooler filled with ice, this tip will stop heat exhaustion from happening. Both the back of your neck and the underside of your wrist is quick cooling points that can be used to cool down your body. You can quickly grab a few ice cubes to cool down if you feel sick. Your body will start to circulate cool blood within seconds and stop sending you preemptive warning bells that may indicate heat exhaustion.

You should cover up! But not always! Light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing will keep you cool while protecting you from the heat. Wearing tight-fitting, dark clothing will quickly heat you up, and bare skin (think of boating in a swimsuit for the entire day) can lead to heat exhaustion and burns.

You need to keep your balance

We don’t want to ruin the party. However, excessive caffeine and alcohol can lead to heat exhaustion as well as dehydration. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some fun or relax on the boat. You should drink plenty of water to balance your intake and stay alert, and you will be fine. Water is a key component of the “drink responsibly” mantra.

Easy, right? These tips are easy to remember. A boater’s safety education should include a thorough understanding of the signs and prevention methods to avoid heatstroke. These conditions are not only dangerous, but they are also very easy to avoid. You don’t have to be restricted by hot summers to enjoy a memorable boating experience.

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