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jet ski rentalWhy do you need to plan your jet ski rental tours? It’s because when you decide to do something fun, thrilling, and exciting on your jet ski, you have to be more prepared.

Some people would say that preparing for a guided jet ski tour is more essential than the actual ride itself. You’ll eventually realize that you’ll get to enjoy the experience more if you are better prepared for your jet ski ride to a new destination.

Step-by-step Plan For Your Jet Ski Tour

Who’s Going?

Knowing how many riders will join the tour, their experience level, and how new their jet skis are will assist in defining the destination criteria. You don’t want to join a jet ski ride that is beyond the expectation or the capabilities of the participants. You need to know if you want to go on a part day, full day, or perhaps an overnight ride.

Where Are You Going?

Find a destination that fits your jet ski riding criteria. If you prefer a day ride, you can narrow down your search by getting rid of spots that are too far for the available time or that need overnighting. If you are with a group that is comprised with amateur riders, it’s best not to go to big water options. Choose a waterway that can be accessed easily, with good info available right away, and relatively populated.

Do Your Research

You have to do your research when selecting a waterway destination that’s ideal for your jet ski rental Myrtle Beach tour. You should know about the following:

  1. Navigability – are there any obstructions in the waterway that may stop your jet ski from getting through? Or is it clear and open?
  2. Launching – where could you launch your jet ski and where can you park your trailers and two vehicles? Is there a fee and what time are they open? How long will you need to launch all of your jet skis? Can you find bathroom facilities in the area?
  3. Bypass Systems – Can you find any transfers or locks on your water route? What are the costs, operating hours, and required advance arrangements?
  4. Services – where can you get food, fuel, and your lodging? Are there any docks nearby or on site? Is there cell service or do you need to bring a satellite phone?
  5. Sight – Are there special spots along the way that you can visit for photo ops, shopping, or sight seeing?

When Should You Go?

If you plan to go on a weekend, expect to see heavy traffic in the locks, on the water, as well as different services, so your jet ski tour might take longer during a weekend. Saturdays are busier than Sundays. If you want to avoid traffic then you should go on a jet ski tour on a Friday.

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