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PErsonal Watercraft Myrtle BeachNationally, one in 5 mishaps on the water include a personal watercraft (PWC) or more commonly known as jet skis and therefore, the South Carolina Game and Fish Department encourages everybody using such crafts to utilize caution and continuously be alert to their surroundings while on the water.

Even though the season has slowed down, it is still imperative that people take caution when renting Jet Skis in Myrtle Beach and other areas in South Carolina. Each year there are fatalities across the nation involving PWCs.

In 2015, there were 4,158 accidents on the water nationwide– 20 percent which involved an individual boat, according to the United States Coast Guard. Of all the mishaps involving a PWC, operator lack of experience was the most typical element.

The ability to manage the Jet Ski is based upon the quantity of water thrust. A knowledgeable operator knows it’s important to utilize the throttle to appropriately maneuver the boat and prevent threat. When an operator kills the engine or stops using the throttle, the craft will continue on its course and speed, and the operator will lose any capability to control the boat.

Of the 623 people who were hurt while operating a PWC, 33 died from injuries sustained in a collision and 25 percent of those drowned, according to U.S. Coast Guard data. Everyone riding a jet ski in South Carolina is lawfully required to use a life vest which will decrease the probability of a drowning accident when renting Jet Skis in Myrtle Beach.

“While these watercraft can be fantastic on the water, it is absolutely crucial that they know the best ways to correctly pilot a PWC,” stated Arizona Boating Security Education coordinator Josh Hoffman. “One of the very best ways for individuals to prevent future accidents is to learn how to operate the craft securely and properly by taking a boating safety course, where they will find out important navigation guidelines and to be mindful of other individuals on the water.”

If you are renting a jet ski in Myrtle Beach, be sure and go with a guide that has knowledge of the safe operation of the personal watercraft. Pay close attention to all the safety instructions given prior to taking out the PWC and stay close to the guide at all times, especially if this is your first time.

To better prevent future collisions, PWC operators should consider the acronym “S.A.F.E. R.I.D.E.R.” and the following ideas from the Personal Watercraft Industry Association:.

  • Scan the water for threats and other boats
  • Avoid aggressive maneuvers
  • Follow local boating laws, including rules to prevent the transfer of intrusive species
  • Examine your equipment before you leave the dock
  • Respond to conditions
  • Insist on a safe range from other boats, swimmers and stationary objects such a booies
  • Drive sober
  • Examine weather condition and waterways
  • Respect the environment by preventing fuel spills and operating near marine life

With Action Water Sportz you will always have a certified guide with you at all times. Respect your guide and let them know if you are having any problems while renting a Jet Ski.

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Geoffrey Ottens reviewed Action Water Sportz — 5 star

September 9 at 12:08am ·

My wife and I decided to celebrate our weight loss and our active lifestyle by going for a two hour dolphin tour on jet skis. After checking the internet and calling a few places, I chose Action Water Sportz because, while they cost a little bit more than others, they were very helpful answering my questions on the phone. We were both a little nervous, having never been on jet skis before and, most certainly never in the open ocean! The place was fairly easy to find – especially since we love eating at Boardwalk Billy’s! Our guide, Darius, was awesome – he explained the operation of the jet skis really well. As we started our trip, he constantly checked in with each operator in the group (four adults on four jet skis). I have no way to compare the equipment, but our jet skis worked well – we both hit 50+ mph easily and our life jackets fit well! He methodically helped us work up our skills and confidence before we entered the ocean at the Little River Inlet. We had about 10 minutes to play around in the fairly choppy ocean water. Having left a little late to meet the fishing boats that the dolphins follow, he offered a different excursion which we all agreed would be great: we went to Bird Island for a short walk and photos. Then we went ‘trail skiing’ – high speed skiing though beautiful scenery! By the time we got back to the docks, we felt like jet ski pros and cannot wait to go again! We’ve already promised each other we’ll go, at least once, when we’re in NMB again. We’ll also be sure to ASK FOR DARIUS – he was great!

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