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Myrtle Beach boatingWith Halloween just around the corner, you can feel the eerie atmosphere building up. Whether you want to go trick-or-treating or visit some seriously scary haunted places, this Halloween promises plenty of spooky surprises, even when Myrtle Beach boating.

Do you want to explore some of the spookiest places in the country by boat? That’s right! From places with dark histories, like the Salem witch trials, to underwater graveyards with sunken ships and lost sailors, this Halloween is the perfect time for a boat trip.

Remember, you can also go on a Myrtle Beach boating adventure with Action Water Sportz. So, without further delay, let’s explore some of the most haunted spots to visit on Halloween.

Myrtle Beach Boating: Halloween Adventures

Salem, Massachusetts

This place is famous for the Salem witch trials, which happened a long time ago in the late 1600s. Back then, more than 200 people in the town were accused of being witches, leading to a lot of fear and confusion.

On Halloween nights, some say the ghosts of those who passed away still haunt Salem. You can explore the shore from a boat without getting too close to these supernatural happenings.

Lake Lanier, Georgia

Not far from Atlanta, there’s a lake that’s known for being very haunted. Over 50 years ago, when they were building bridges across the lake, some workers tragically fell into the water and lost their lives.

There have also been many car accidents late at night when cars swerved off the bridges. Local folks claim they’ve seen ghosts around the lake, especially at night when they seem to emerge from the depths. You can rent a boat and cruise around Lake Lanier to see for yourself.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks are famous for their strong winds and hurricanes, which have caused numerous shipwrecks throughout history. Recently, the remains of an old sunken ship washed up in an area known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.”

You can expect to find all sorts of relics, like Civil War-era items, washed ashore here. On Halloween night, take a pontoon boat tour in the area to discover even more spooky surprises.

Myrtle Beach boatingPorte des Morts, Wisconsin

If you prefer sailing on lakes instead of oceans, head north to Porte des Morts in Door County, Wisconsin. The name translates to “Door of the Dead,” and it’s linked to a tragic event where many Native American warriors lost their lives during a fierce battle, either drowned by a sudden storm or smashed against the cliffs. On Halloween night, you can cruise these chilly waters with a warm cup of spiced tea and a pontoon boat rental to see if any ghosts are still lingering.

Graveyard of the Pacific

Just as there’s a “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” there’s also a “Graveyard of the Pacific.” It stretches from Tillamook Bay in Oregon up to Vancouver Island and Cape Scott in the northwestern United States.

This area has witnessed many notorious shipwrecks due to its unpredictable weather and rocky reefs, causing over 2,000 shipwrecks in the last few centuries. Legends say everything from ghostly pirates to old oil workers haunt these waters.

If you’re not up for a spooky adventure, you can still celebrate Halloween on the water. It’s a great way to spend the holiday weekend with close family or friends. Book a Myrtle Beach boating adventure and consider renting one with a captain so you can relax and enjoy your boating experience.

Call Action Water Sportz now and let us help you experience a spooky boating and fishing experience this Halloween.

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