dolphin watch tour

dolphin watch tourAlthough dolphin watch tour can be very exciting, it is important to prepare. You need to consider weather, the cruise company, and the best camera gear. You’ll have a great experience with a little research and planning. These are my tips to help you plan a dolphin cruise.


Read reviews – Dolphin cruise operators can be small businesses, so their service and level of offering may vary. To find out how they perform, check out recent reviews before you book a cruise. It is important to see regular dolphin sightings, the professionalism of the captains and their knowledge, as well as the condition of boats and equipment. Listings for reputable businesses should be available on Google Reviews, Yelp and other popular review sites.

You should check the Weather forecast before you go out on a boat. Are you going to get wet? What temperature will it be? It will be windy on that day. These answers will help you decide if you want to book a dolphin-watching tour.

Look for discounts – Many popular tourist destinations offer dolphin watching cruises. Tourist business associations and local visitors bureaus often offer free maps and mini-travel guides with discounts coupons. You can also look through the handouts to find specials on the website of the cruise operator.


Dress for the Weather: North Myrtle Beach dolphin tour often take place on small boats that have little or no enclosed space. You should be prepared to expose yourself to all weather conditions. Sun, wind, rain, etc. You should wear a hat that is easy to secure and doesn’t slip off as you travel between places. You should also wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Wear appropriate shoes if you have the option to stop at shore. A towel and dry clothes can be useful.

You should always have snacks and supplies with you when you travel. If you are traveling, it is a good idea to bring water and snacks. For longer cruises, some dolphin watching tour operators may allow you to bring along drinks and snacks. If you bring your own, make sure to check their policies. You can also use a hand towel, large Ziploc bags to keep important items waterproof, or sunscreen.

The Right Camera Gear – It is important to have the right gear for taking good pictures and video during a dolphin tour Myrtle Beach. A cell phone or a cheap camera will not allow you to capture great still photos of dolphins. You should use a high-quality DSLR or mirrorless camera with a sport mode to capture fast bursts of images. Dolphins can be quick and appear for only a few seconds. A zoom lens can help you quickly frame the scene. Combining these two lenses will help you capture the perfect moment and create crisp images.

A GoPro or cell phone action camera is a great choice if you are looking for video. These cameras are capable of making adjustments to the lighting and focus on the fly. Gimbal mounts are useful for smooth video production due to the amount of movement between the boat and the dolphins.


Safety first – Make sure your boat is in good shape and has enough life jackets. Most captains require that children under the age of 18 wear a vest. Make sure you teach your children basic boating safety before taking them along. Children should be familiar with boat safety basics, including how to avoid falling overboard if they are standing or running near the edge.

Be realistic – Dolphin watching cruises are for wild animals. Although the captains will take your to places where dolphins are most likely to be at that time of day, there is no guarantee what you’ll find. To spot dolphins, be patient and keep your eyes open. If you are lucky, dolphins may be seen in some places and active. Enjoy the charter boat cruise and enjoy the peaceful experience.

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