dolphin watching

dolphin watchingDolphins, those charming and playful creatures, have captured the hearts of Americans through movies like Flipper and Ace Ventura. Wouldn’t it be amazing to witness them in real life along the South Carolina coastline? You should consider going on a dolphin watching tour.

Why Go On A Dolphin Watching Trip

During your Myrtle Beach getaway, there are various ways to catch a glimpse of these marvelous marine animals. If you’re fortunate, you might spot them while strolling along the Grand Strand’s 60-mile coastline or from the piers. However, for a guaranteed dolphin sighting, consider joining a dolphin watching in Myrtle Beach.

At Action Water Sportz, Our expert guides will lead you through the scenic Intracoastal Waterway, flanked by stunning million-dollar homes, and into a vibrant hub of aquatic life on the Atlantic Coast. Our experienced staff knows all the dolphin hangout spots, and you might also have the chance to see sea turtles, fish, and other sea creatures while exploring the warm, glistening waters of the Atlantic.

This not only significantly increases your chances of spotting dolphins but also allows you to do so while cruising safely along the coast on a brand-new Yamaha XV jet ski, right in the heart of the ocean’s excitement. Why settle for observing these beautiful creatures from the shore when you can navigate the waters alongside them?

Dolphins are most active and easiest to spot in the morning. Kickstart your vacation and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime by going on a dolphin watching tour.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity – book your dolphin watching tour and jet ski rentals today and get ready for a dolphin encounter you’ll cherish forever!

A Myrtle Beach dolphin watching trip makes a great holiday gift for kids of all ages. Imagine their surprise when they know they will be taking a dolphin cruise on your next vacation.

Call Action Water Sportz now and book your dolphin watching trip or if you’re planning to rent a jet ski in Myrtle Beach.

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