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dolphin toursHave you planned your Labor Day weekend activity yet? If not, it’s time for you to come and enjoy dolphin tours while riding your jet ski rental. Here, you will get to observe local animals, wildlife creatures, sea turtles, and dolphins with the help of skilled and experienced guides.

If you happen to be in Myrtle Beach, try dolphin tours in Myrtle Beach, and you will surely have fun on your sea adventure. You should definitely take your family and friends to Myrtle Beach this Labor Day weekend.

Questions About Your Jet Ski Dolphin Tours in Myrtle Beach:

What should I do before going on the jet ski dolphin tour?

If it’s your first time on such a sea adventure, certified and licensed guides at Action Water Sportz will give you lessons and explain what you need to do. Once you’ve been briefed about the basics of riding a jet ski, you will start in shallow water.

When everyone is relaxed and ready, it’s time to leave the docks. Jet Ski Dolphin Watch Trips begin at Dock Marina in Barefoot Landing on the Intracoastal Coastal Waterway or at the docks on 13th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach, next to Voyager Fishing Boats.

What should I expect during this jet ski trip?

As the team sets off, you will observe attractive waterway homes as well as the historical Little River Swing Bridge. When you reach the no-wake zone, you can slow down your speed.

You will also be able to see two marinas, Anchor, and Harborgate. Here, you will get to see ten-foot John boats and seventy-foot high-end private yachts. You can also catch a glimpse of boat casinos as you approach Little River Fishing Village.

What comes after the wake zone?

dolphin toursAs you continue your journey, there won’t be any more wake zones, and you’ll continue your trip to the barrier island and the Atlantic Ocean. While on the barrier island, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach and collect shells with your kids. You can also walk along the thirty-foot-high dune, but remember to stay away from the sand dune grass. These are pointed sand spears that can hurt your feet.

Will I be able to see dolphins up close?

After twenty minutes of serenity on the island, it’s time for the team to hop back on their jet skis and begin the wonderful journey to the Atlantic Ocean. If conditions are clear, you will have the chance to take a closer look at the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin.

When the group’s guide has located dolphins, you will be carefully directed to the area. The group will be able to observe one of the most renowned aquatic creatures in its natural habitat. You can also enjoy the attractions that line the Grand Strand’s waters.

How long will the jet ski dolphin tours in Myrtle Beach last?

The tour lasts for over two hours. These sea adventures have become a part of many families’ annual trips due to their diversity and the wonderful memories they provide. It’s a good idea to book in advance, especially for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. You might also want to consider getting a jet ski rental from Action Water Sportz.

Call Action Water Sportz to reserve your Myrtle Beach Dolphin Watch Trip and enjoy your Labor Day Weekend with family and friends. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more great information about jet ski rentals and dolphin watch trips.

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