jet ski rental

jet ski rentalHere are some things that you should keep in mind when renting a jet ski.

Check the Jet Ski for corrosion and rust.

Before renting, find out how old it really is. You should look at other rental companies if the Jet Ski looks old, rusted and battered. Jet Skis that are older tend to be less reliable and more prone for accidents.

If you rent a Jet Ski look for signs the Jet Ski has been well maintained.

Do not rent a Jet Ski if you see holes or water leaks. Check for any loose wires, as they could be a safety risk. Talk to the owner about the condition and age of the pump and impeller blade. You need these two items to be in good condition to enjoy a smooth Jet Ski trip.

Ask for insurance.

Even if your safety is perfect, accidents can still happen. Always ask about insurance coverage to be on the safe side. Is insurance provided by the Jet Ski rental firm? Some Jet Ski rental companies provide insurance, and others do not. Legitimate Jet Ski rental companies like Action Water Sportz will always provide insurance up to a certain age.

You should also be taught how to ride a Jet Ski by the Jet Ski Rental Company. You will be told about safety rules that you should follow. You will also learn what to do in an emergency.

Do you plan to ride by yourself? Choose a Jet Ski with only one seat if you are going to ride alone. Renting a Jet Ski with only one seat will cost less than renting two or more. If you’re going to ride solo, the extra seats are not necessary.

Gas policy: Riders are sometimes surprised to learn that, after renting a Jet Ski, they must pay for gas separately. The Jet Ski they rented was not full of gas. You must be clear with the company if you don’t want to get a surprise.

Check with the jet ski rental company to see if they require a deposit in advance in the event of an accident.

Jet Ski scams can be very common. Take photos of your Jet Ski before renting it to avoid being scammed or accused of causing damage. The photos will serve as proof in the event that you are wrongfully accused. You will not be charged extra for false accusations, so you can save money.

Action Water Sportz purchases new jet skies every season. You can rest assured that our jet skies are in top working order. The season is rapidly filling up, Call for your reservations today.

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