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jet skiHurricane Lee will pass well off the shores of Myrtle Beach this weekend, and we will avoid a hit to the coast, however, there will still be some dangerous currents. Please be aware of riptides any time you are jet skiing. This post will help you.

Imagine you’re enjoying a swim or riding a jet ski rental at the beach when suddenly you feel a powerful force pulling you away from the shore. This is a rip current, a common and dangerous ocean phenomenon that can quickly sweep you out to sea.

In fact, rip currents claim more lives each year than tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunderstorms combined. To keep everyone safe, it’s essential to understand rip currents especially when you’re out jet skiing in Myrtle Beach.

Jet Skiing Tips: What are rip currents?

Rip currents form when waves from the deeper ocean break as they reach the shallow coastline. These breaking waves then retreat, creating a narrow, fast-moving channel of water that flows perpendicular to the shore.

Inside this channel, water can move at speeds of about 1 to 2 feet per second and, in some cases, even faster than that of an Olympic swimmer. Rip currents often develop near low spots in the ocean floor, the shoreline, breaks between sandbars, or around human-made structures.

jet skiHow to spot a rip current

While rip currents can be challenging to spot when riding a Myrtle Beach jet ski rental, there are signs to watch for:

  • Calm patches of water between turbulent waves.
  • Areas of choppy water forming channels.
  • A distinct change in water color compared to the surrounding area.
  • A line of debris, foam, or seaweed moving seaward.
  • A noticeable break in the incoming waves.

How to escape a rip current

If you encounter a rip current when swimming or jet skiing in Myrtle Beach, here’s what you need to do to safely escape:

  • Stay calm and make sure that your head is above water.
  • Ask for help as soon as you feel the current pulling you away.
  • Do NOT attempt to swim against the current; it’s too strong and will lead to fatigue.
  • Instead, swim horizontally, parallel to the shore, toward the breaking waves.
  • If swimming sideways is too difficult, tread water and wait for assistance while continuing to call for help.

By understanding rip currents and knowing how to react if caught in one, you can help ensure the safety of yourself and others while enjoying the beach.

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