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jet skiIf you’ve ever been out on a big body of water, you’ve probably seen signs in the water that look a bit like the speed limit signs on the road. What are those signs, and what do they mean for those who ride a jet ski or a boat?

Jet Ski Tips: What’s a wake?

A wake is like the ripples or waves in the water that a boat or Myrtle Beach jet ski makes when it goes really fast. It’s the water being pushed around by the moving boat. You know when you see a boat speeding across the water and it leaves behind those wavy lines? That’s its wake.

Why do we need wake rules?

When a jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach or boat makes a wake, it stirs up the water, and that can cause problems. The waves from the wake can be dangerous for other boats, people, and even the creatures in the water. If lots of boats are all making big wakes in a small area, it can be like a wild water rollercoaster ride! It can make boats wobble, mess up the homes of water animals, or even flood the shore.

So, we have rules called “Slow Speed” or “No Wake” zones to keep things safe. Let’s talk about the meaning of these zones when you’re out on the water:

No Wake Zone

In a “No Wake” zone, boats have to slow way down. They can only go as fast as they need to steer and move ahead without making big waves. It’s kind of like putting your pontoon boat in slow motion. You usually find these zones in busy, narrow places like channels or small harbors.

Slow Speed Zone

In Slow Speed areas, you can go a bit faster, but you still have to be super careful not to make big waves. A simple way to tell if you’re going too fast is if the front part of your boat is lifted up out of the water – that means slow down!

At Action Water Sportz, we want you to have a great time on the water while staying safe. That’s why we offer awesome jet ski and personal watercraft rentals. So, if you’re planning a fun day on the water, give us a call to make reservations.

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