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jet ski rentalIt is a fact that riding jet ski rentals is an exciting and fun way to spend an afternoon out in the water. Jet skis have a horsepower that is comparable to a large outboard board engines. Their acceleration is also similar to motorcycles, which means they’re more than just toys for grownups.

The BoatUS Foundation said that jet skis are more dangerous to use compared to a watercraft. They make up for 9% of all the registered marine vessels in the United States. However, it accounts for about 26% of all the reported incidents.

Proper education and experience in operating a jet ski are important to lower your risk of accidents. Aside from following the laws on education and age requirements, here is a checklist of some safety practices you need to adhere to if you wish to enjoy a fun and accident-free day on the water.

Complete Jet Ski Rental Equipment

The U.S. Coast Guard classifies jet skis as class A vessels and that means all the rules and regulations for boats that are less than 16 feet are applicable. So before you bring your jet ski out in the water for the first time, it should be fitted with the needed equipment for its specified class.

These include a life vest, vessel registration with correctly shown decals, signalling device like a horn or whistle, ventilation system, working backfire flame arrestor, and a coast-guard approved fire extinguisher.

Jet Ski Rental Safety Course

Even if your state does not need a boating safety course, you still need to take one especially if it provides a guide on the many different operating features of jet ski rentals Myrtle Beach. You may also be eligible for a personal watercraft insurance discount if you complete the safety course. Once you’ve finished your boating safety course, you will gain practical experience in an area that is secluded and far from the busy waters; the majority of accidents commonly involve collisions with other type of watercrafts. This will help you familiarize with how your jet ski rental works and handles in a space that is safe.

Defense Driving

Even with experience and education, all jet ski rental riders must drive defensively. A passing boat may offer a wake that is tempting to jump however it is easy to lose your control. When that happens, the jet ski may land in an awkward way or much worse, the jet ski may land upside down in the water. Jet ski rentals could take up to 300 feet to stop if you are driving it at full speed, you should be alert to other swimmers, boats, and jet skis.

You must never bring more passengers than what’s allowed. And although it is tempting to add one more passenger in front, all passengers have to sit behind the driver.

Lastly, never loan your jet ski rental Myrtle Beach to someone who is not a qualified driver. You will never know when accidents happen. An operator who doesn’t have any education or experience in controlling a jet ski will most likely run into an accident.

Follow these basic guidelines. It will help reduce the risks of accidents while you enjoy riding your jet ski. With Action Water Sportz jet ski rentals in Myrtle Beach you always have a guide with you to make sure you are safe.

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