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Jet skiSummertime is here and there is nothing more exhilarating than water sports like riding a jet ski. However, we must keep in mind that safety comes before fun and there are some important rules to remember when we want to spend quality time with our loved ones. They do need to be our number one priority.

Important Jet Ski Safety Tips

Here we have some tips to help you when you decide to take to the waterway on a jet ski in Myrtle Beach.

Life-Saving Course

  • If you can, you should take a safety water sports course, always wearing life jackets approved by the Coast Guard. Let other family members know where you are or what you are about to do.
  • You must think ahead, so be sure to check out the weather the day before and try to avoid high-speed sports after dark or when daylight is fading.

Check Safety Equipment

We know you are eager to get into the water and family is screaming in your ears to hurry up, but first and foremost you have to check out your equipment and be sure everything is operational.  If you are visiting this area for the first time, ask someone which are the best and safest places to explore, avoid shallow waters –  even lakes and rivers with many people.

Another safety aspect you can’t neglect is to teach your family hand signals when using a jet ski or any water sports equipment. Remind them to properly use the towrope;  to make sure they are visible at all times, and to hold on to a jet ski when they are down.   Do not step off until the Jet Ski has the engine off.

Riding the Jet Skis

There is still more to say about safety issues that can make a difference and save you from some scary moments.

  • So, let us take fun seriously for once and remember that if you fall off the Jet Ski always keep the power ignition security shift rope hooked on you whether on your wrist or onto your life jacket
  • all minors should not handle the jet ski, they can ride it accompanied by an adult on the jet ski
  • never depart without checking the personal watercraft (PWC) first to guarantee that all is working properly and you carry with you all the safety equipment.  Follow basic boating rules and practice water sports protocol
  • do not engage in dangerous tricks
  • always keep your feet inside the PWC, and handle your jet ski with a firm grip
  • if you have to pull someone else, your PVC has to properly accommodate you, a spotter and also the person you are helping out with the tow.

The best way for you to safely have quality moments when practicing water sports with your family is to always ride defensively, pay attention to strange objects and other boats or jet ski rentals in your way and avoid high speeds because the majority of PWC do not have a proper system with brakes and you will not be able to drive your jet ski if the power of the jet ski is off.

Renting a Jet Ski in Myrtle Beach is the best way for you and your family to be safe.

At Action Water Sportz we always send a guide with every group. Safety instructions are always reviewed prior to taking the jet ski out into the waterway and then to the ocean. We make sure that each member of the group has an approved life jacket that is a proper fit for the person.

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