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jet ski rentalYou have probably seen them standing out from the water, almost looking like speed signs. What do they signify? How do they affect you when you’re riding a jet ski rental?

What is a wake zone? What purpose does it serve?

A wake is caused by a boat or jet ski moving at high speeds through the water. It’s simply the waves created by moving through the water. The vessel’s wake creates turbulence that can impact nearby vessels, people and sea life. You have probably seen a boat speeding along the shoreline. The waves it creates are what you see.

Why regulate wakes?

A wake is a disturbance of the water that a boat creates. This can cause large waves to disrupt water flow and can pose a danger to people and animals.

Multiple boats or jet ski rental in Myrtle Beach creating large wakes within a small area can cause a discord that can make other vessels unstable, or create large amplified waves that can damage shorelines or disrupt marine life.

We have “No Wake” or “Slow Speed” zones. Let’s take a look at what these zones mean for you out on the water.

Jet Ski Rental and Wake Zones

No Wake Zone

The “No Wake” zone requires boats to travel at the slowest speeds possible while maintaining their ability to steer and make forward progress.

These vessels produce minimal wake when they move at these speeds. These are often found in narrow, crowded areas such as channels and confined harbors.

Zone of Slow Speed

You may be able to move at a slower speed in Slow Speed areas when riding a jet ski. However, you must still maintain a minimal amount of wake production. You should not be going too fast if your bow is higher than the water.

We encourage you to have fun and be safe out on the water. We offer the finest jet skis and personal watercraft rentals to our customers. We can help you plan a day of water fun. Call today to make reservations.

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