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jet ski rentalJet skiing is one of the most exciting ways to have fun on the water. Jet skis are a great way to make your beach time memorable. You don’t need to own one to enjoy this sport. Jet ski rental services are accessible these days. You can make your day more enjoyable by renting a watercraft.

While you’ll find many people who are polite, fair, and straightforward in dealings with jet ski rental companies, there are some that have found unethical ways of increasing their profits. They assume you may be out of your comfort zone while on vacation, so they try to make it work for them with “little” tricks.

You should be aware of the common unethical tactics such as false advertising, hidden fees, surcharges, and improper charges for damage. We have compiled a list of some of the most unethical tricks jet ski rental companies may use based on real reviews and complaints.

Hidden fees

A few jet ski rentals in Myrtle Beach will try to trick you by charging hidden fees. This can take many forms. One common example is the use of misleading advertisements and coupons. Coupons and promotions may contain unstated restrictions, which require extra payment in order to remove them.

Different location

Satellite location services allow you to find your destination quickly and easily using e-maps. Some rentals have addresses that are not accurate to their actual location. This can lead to frustration and time consuming as you have to spend more time and money trying to find their exact location.

Poor communication

Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, which can make it easy to fall for misinformation. You may have visited their website and tried to contact them via the provided numbers but were unsuccessful. Perhaps you reach out to them, but they fail to answer your questions. Avoid renting if you feel suspicious.

Jet skis that are old and worn out

Jet ski rental companies may have a few old, rusty jet skis but fail to tell you. These crafts must be fairly new but could have suffered from heavy and constant use by customers. Rentals may also have older models that are more prone to failure.

Charge for non-existent damage

This is a serious problem and unfortunately, it is the most frequent when renting jet skis. This is when you are charged for damages that were not your fault. This could be a tactic to stop you from retrieving your refundable deposits (typically between $300 and $500) which you are required to cover for any possible damages.

Shifted timetables and delays

Jet ski rentals have peak periods, just like everything else. It could lead to a jam-packed schedule. Some rentals will accept customers who do not have reservations and would pay an additional fee, during busy seasons. The rental could substitute your space for theirs. This can lead to a shift change or cancellation without prior notice.

Staff who are rude or unqualified

The ride is only part of your entire experience. It is also about all the preparations that lead up to it. A bad experience with a customer service agent can ruin your vacation. You might find that the customer care agent is rude, disinterested, or just plain unfriendly. Some agents may be hostile to customers.

Unexpected restrictions

You would be shocked at the restrictions that are placed on your use of their jet skis if you have never rented one. You could have restrictions on many things. For example, a Myrtle Beach jet ski rental might place limits on your riding area. Although you might think that your jet ski can be used anywhere, that is not always the case. You might have to use designated riding areas, which may be smaller than you originally thought.

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