jet ski rental Myrtle Beach

jet ski rentalIn case you are thinking of buying or renting a jet ski, it’s important to know how to ride it before you go out in the water. Here’s a guide on how to ride jet ski rentals that you need to know about.

Safety Always Comes First

When you are handling a jet ski or other similar heavy machinery, you have to know how to use it properly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a great swimmer or not, you should always wear a life jacket. This also applies to the person who rides with you too. Don’t forget to connect the engine shut off lanyard to your lifejacket or wrist before you begin riding, which would let your craft to come to a halt once you become incapacitated or fall off.

This may seem like common sense but it is worth saying that you must wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Aside from that, you have to wear a pair of water shoes that fits you well. Bring drinking water so you are always hydrated. Other essentials that you need to bring include dewatering device, charger, cellphone, emergency radio, whistle, signal flares, and first aid kit.

Getting Started

Once you are on your jet ski rental, you have to be sure that it is in water that is at least 3 feet deep. This will make sure that no rocks or debris from the bottom would get sucked into your watercraft, which may damage or clog the impeller. You have to be out of the way of other objects and people before you start your machine. You should start by cruising at around five to 10 mph in an open area where you have some room to increase your speed. Do not go beyond 5 mph when in no wake zones and in coves.

Remain at least 100 feet away from other people riding a jet ski and 150 feet from the shore once you are on plane and moving at high speeds. Your jet ski rental does not have brakes so once you need to slow down, you have to ease up on your throttle and provide your craft some space to reach a full stop.

Use Your Body To Steer

Use your body to steer your jet ski rental Myrtle Beach. Bring your weight to side where you are turning your craft into and don’t go easy on the throttle. The jet that is shooting out of the back on your jet ski rental is what is giving your machine some power. In case you slow down, it will be impossible for you to power through when turning the watercraft. Keep a consistent speed when you are turning and don’t forget to make full use of your weight when guiding your jet ski rental to your desired direction.

Respect Others

When you are out having fun in the water on a nice sunny day, others are doing the same thing. If there are swimmers in the water or if there are people cruising around on their boats, you should know your surroundings and provide others with a really wide birth. In case you have to pass others when you’re in the water, make sure that you do it right. Don’t forget to use your signal like a whistle or a horn when you approach.

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