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jet ski Myrtle BeachPersonal watercraft, also called by its more familiar name which is the jet ski, have ended up being an exceptionally popular water sports vehicle for use out in the ocean, marshlands and Intracoastal waterway. 

Myrtle Beach Jet Skis are a great source of recreation on the water and are also an alternative method for dolphin watching instead of the traditional dolphin cruise ships.

A Little Jet Ski History

Jet Ski derives its name from the fact they are propelled by a high-speed jet of water shooting out the back of the craft. The earlier models needed the rider to stand and hang on to a steering system. The jet skis ability to make sharp turns and leap is similar to snowboarding, thus the name jet ski. The earlier models are hard to ride and require a special skill to drive it. Thus, they quickly paved the way for the today’s new models where the rider sits on similar to the method a motorcycle is ridden.

Myrtle Beach Jet Ski

A Myrtle Beach jet ski is propelled by a water-jet pump which draws water in through an underwater grate and shoots it out the rear of the craft under high pressure which moves the craft through the water. The water-jet pump is generally driven by a two-cylinder fuel engine.

The jet ski, in reality, is a full-fledged boat. The operator of a jet ski has the same duties as the operator of any other boat and should stick to many of the same guidelines and policies of larger boats. Because of their distinct operating characteristics, some states have a different set of rules for the operation of jet skis. South Carolina also has its own set of rules in driving a jet ski Myrtle Beach.

There are several models and sizes of jet skis. They vary from the smaller single person craft to the large three seat designs (this is the design used by Action Water Sportz for their Myrtle Beach Jet Skis). The larger three seat models have effective engines that allow them to pull a water skier. To lawfully pull a water skier there should be room on the craft for an observer and the skier in addition to the chauffeur.

Safely running a jet ski requires understanding and knowledge of its use. The operator must understand the operation of all the controls and where they lie. This understanding together with regard for others who are on the water will lead to an exciting and fun time on the water and bring you safely back to coast prepared to head out once again. Prior to your rental time, Action Water Sportz guides provide complete operation and safety instructions for the use of their Myrtle Beach jet ski rentals.

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