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jet ski rentalsSummer is beginning to ramp up and that includes water activities. Among the greatest past times if you are a water enthusiast is jet skiing. Jet skiing can be fun for the family, however, it could also be risky. You need to take precautions and additional safety measures to help you reduce the chance of injury and make sure that you’re always on your jet ski rental longer.

Here are a few jet ski rental safety tips you need to know for the summer season.

Jet Ski Rental Safety Tips

Wear A Life Jacket

Most people who ride a jet ski rental and participate in other water activities don’t like to wear life jackets. When you wear a life jacket, you have to make sure that it fits properly. Wearing one that’s too big may cause the water to push the life jacket up your face, which will make it more difficult for you to stay afloat. These precautions are crucial especially for kids.

Your children must wear a life jacket that’s fits their size to reduce the possibility of drowning and injury. Wear a life jacket that’s approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and is the right one for jet skiing.

Wear a Watercraft Helmet

Watercraft helmets can help prevent head injuries if you fall from your jet ski rental. A helmet can protect your from flying debris. It’s highly recommended for jet ski rental riders who are below 18 years old. Accidents can happen anytime and wearing these helmets can reduce your injuries and risk of death.

Most states do not have a law that requires the use of this helmet however, it’s recommended for all the riders to wear one at all times while riding the jet ski rental.

Jet Ski Rentals Must Be Properly Maintained

In most cases, accidents may happen because of equipment failure, which could be prevented if the jet ski rental is properly maintained. Check the cables, oil levels, and fuel.

Use A Jet Ski Lift

If you’re not using your jet ski, one option is to leave it floating in the water. But this could lead to wear and tear. Aside from that, marine buildup could also reach the inner workings of your watercraft, which could lead to failure during operation. Dry docking your jet ski could help in preventing the marine life from accumulating in your watercraft.

Don’t Drink While Driving A Jet Ski Rental

Alcohol is among the main causes of watercraft accidents. It can impair your judgment severely, as well as your coordination and reaction time. If you drink, you must be on land. You can’t drive a jet ski or any type of vehicle. Don’t go near the water if you’re under the influence.

Don’t Speed

Another major cause of accidents on the water is speeding. Speeding will make your jet ski move too close to another rider. You need to leave a good distance between your jet ski rental and another one . Keep a safe distance and speed while you’re in the water so you can avoid serious accidents.

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