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Jet Skies Myrtle BeachThe fall is a great time to take a peaceful, picturesque Dolphin Watch Trip a jet ski. Skilled and conversant guides will lead you to the best possible observation areas to observe the local animals, dolphins, and sea turtles. Companies in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina like Action Water Sportz offer such tours. They are reputed to be an unforgettable experience that is enjoyed by the whole family or a group of people.

Jet Ski Dolphin Watch Trips start at Dock Holiday Marina on the Intercostal Waterway. Here, the group will get qualified and individual service from the time they arrive.  You will first be provided safety instructions of the appropriate utilization of the jet ski while out on the water. He or she will then receive direct operating instructions of the jet ski. When the guide gets everybody relaxed and prepared with their exclusive water craft, it is time to depart the docks.

As the group leaves, they will observe attractive intercostal waterway homes and the historic Little River Swing Bridge. The group will decelerate to leisurely speed through the no wake zone. When the group goes through the swing bridge, it will be moving toward two marinas: Harborgate and Anchor. You will observe inside of them boats from ten-foot John boats and seventy-foot luxury yachts. When you is have departed the no wake zone, the group is on its way. As the group approaches historic Little River Fishing Village, you will decelerate to leisurely speed through the no wake zone to take a look at various boats consisting of some casino boats.

There are now no more wake zones. It is time to accelerate. The group proceeds to the barrier island and the Atlantic Ocean. When on the barrier island, a person can walk leisurely along the beach, looking for that special shell to bring home. The individual can sightsee the thirty-foot tall sand dunes. However, you must avoid the dune grass. They have pointed sand spears that will adhere to a person’s feet and hands and are unlawful to meddle with. After almost twenty minutes of tranquility on the island, it is time for the group to jump back on their skis and get going to the lovely Atlantic Ocean, if conditions allow, to have a close and individual meeting with the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin.

If the group’s guide has located dolphins, you will be cautiously direct the group close to the pod. The group can observe the most esteemed marine mammal in its innate environment. You can get comfortable and take pleasure from the innate attractions that are located along the Grand Strand’s waters.

The tour lasts more than two hours. It is a rare way to sightsee the Grand Strand from the water. These tours have become a part of most families’ yearly trip due to its distinctiveness, and the memories it generates.

It is a good idea to make reservations ahead of time. Call one or our three locations to book your Myrtle Beach Dolphin Tour and get up close and personal on your jet ski.

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