pontoon boat rental

pontoon boat rentalPontoon boat rentals are the best way to have a great day on the water.

North Myrtle Beach pontoon boats are one of the most versatile watercraft available for all water enthusiasts. It is a platform that looks like a large, open space with a canopy, seating, storage, and guardrails. A pontoon boat allows people to mix and mingle just like in a living space. It’s only on water. It moves!

Fun Ideas For Pontoon Boat Rentals

You think pontoon boat rentals can only be used by retired people as a leisure craft? You might be wrong! Pontoon boats are becoming more popular among all ages. Why? Pontoon boats are now more comfortable and convenient. You can use them for many different activities. This makes it easy to keep you entertained on both short and long trips.

These are some tips to make your pontoon boat trip a success.

It should be a party

A pontoon boat can hold about 12 people. Invite your friends to have fun on the pontoon boats next time you are out on the water.

A pontoon boat makes it easy to host a birthday, anniversary, or engagement party. Even the simplest models can store food and other supplies. They also have plenty of seating and enough room for dancing. String lights and other decorations can be attached to vehicles as long as they don’t interfere in any way.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), Discover Boating, offers helpful tips and advice on how to behave on a pontoon boat.

Swim and snorkel

Pontoon boats can be used to get in and out the water. Even for children, the platform at the back makes it easy and simple to jump into the water. The rails on the sides are handy for holding onto the boat’s outside if needed. Open water swimming safety is important to keep the day safe and enjoyable.

You can see the marine life “eye to eye” if you are in an area that has a lot of it. For some underwater sightseeing, have snorkels and masks available.

Before anyone can swim, snorkel or enter the water, make sure the engine is turned off.

Pontoon boat for games room

There will be times when family members and friends won’t be able to or won’t be able to swim. You can help them keep busy and connected by bringing along board games and other distractions. Avoid games that involve paper money or other pieces that could fall apart.

Instead, offer playing cards, trivia, and social games such as Boggle, Cards Against Humanity, and travel Scrabble to your guests.


A pontoon boat’s back platform is the perfect spot for casual and avid fishermen to cast their line and relax. You will find plenty of storage space to store your gear, bait, and ice chests until you are ready to eat.

Before you fish from your pontoon boat, make sure that all swimmers are dry.

Enjoy quiet family time

You can invite many people to your pontoon boat. You don’t need to invite everyone. Sometimes, it can be nice to spend a quiet afternoon or day with your partner or children.

A pontoon boat can be shared with only a few people, giving you the best of both worlds. It’s possible to be together for activities, but still have enough space to take a break or get away from one another.

pontoon boat rentalsPontoon boats have many advantages

Are you unsure if a pontoonboat is right for you? These are the benefits:

It is simple to use

It is very easy to learn how to drive a pontoonboat. You can turn the steering wheel clockwise to go to the right, and counterclockwise to go to your left.

Modern pontoon boats can travel at a great speed, but you should always move slowly when you leave the dock or navigate to open water. This is also true for when you are ready to return.

Pontoon boats are capable of moving at a high speed, but they are not designed for acceleration. If you do intend to accelerate, make sure your passengers are aware and can take care of any loose items.

Pontoon boats can be very stable, but they aren’t always agile. Avoid making sharp turns. If you must, ensure that your gear and passengers are safe before turning.

Simple to maintain

Pontoon boats are high above the water. The pontoon boats are positioned high above the water, which reduces the chance of the hull being damaged or dented. If you have to transport the boat on a boat trailer, this is also advisable. When you load the the pontoon boat onto the trailer, it is a good idea to raise the outboard motor. It’s not usually a problem if you forget due to the high clearance.

It is usually faster and cheaper to repair the hull if it does become damaged than a traditional V-shaped boat hull.

Pontoon boats are not as messy to clean after use as other gel-coated boats. After a day of fun, your pontoon boat can be taken out of the water to continue with land-based activities.

Ideal for outings with children, including teens

A pontoon boat’s best feature is its size. Kids can enjoy the boat’s spaciousness with its couches, tables and platform at the back. There are covered and uncovered areas for children to play, while adults supervise them.

This is particularly appreciated by children who invite their friends. Children want to be active and have some privacy from their parents. Everyone must stay seated at least half of the time on smaller boats.

Pontoon boats allow children to be more independent and active. This makes it more enjoyable for the kids and their parents.


It is more than just the size of a pontoonboat that makes it comfortable. It is also a floating platform. Pontoon boats with higher ends may have an additional deck, but they generally only have one level.

There is plenty of space to enjoy the views, spread out and be active. Modern pontoon boats have comfort features. Most seats are upholstered. Tabletops allow you to eat and play games in comfort as though you were at home.

Whatever your definition of comfort is, there are plenty of storage options that will allow you to bring along everything you need to make your pontoon boat experience enjoyable.


Pontoon boats are the most stable multi-person watercraft. Pontoon boats were responsible for only one-tenth of the personal injuries in 2014 than open motorboats.

This watercraft is stable because of its pontoons. Pontoon boats are a safe option for those who love to be on the water.


It is amazing how well pontoon boats store their cargo. The boat’s open design makes it possible to store equipment, food, and other supplies. Marine craft manufacturers continue to optimize space use and make improvements to meet consumers’ demands.

Keep these things in mind

It’s clear that a pontoon boat is a great way to have fun. A few things are important to keep the adventure safe and enjoyable.

Turning radius

A pontoon boat’s size and shape gives it a large turning radius. It is therefore difficult to turn in tight spaces.

Avoid entering areas that are too shallow or with other vessels, especially speed boats and personal watercraft such as jet skis. Be sure to leave enough room for maneuvering and observe general boating protocol.

Rough water

Pontoon boats, as mentioned earlier, are stable. They can prove dangerous in extremely turbulent water or during severe storms.

The pontoon boat’s design allows it to easily ride over large waves instead of entering them. Because of its structure and size, it is more difficult to navigate in rough waters.

If there is a chance of high winds or storms, it’s best to keep your pontoon boat off the water.


Pontoon boats are versatile, comfortable, and safe, making it very easy to enjoy and have lots of fun on water. A pontoon boat is the perfect choice for you, whether you are looking for an excursion or a floating home to enjoy every weekend.

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