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jet skiWhen it comes to fun activities in Myrtle Beach, nothing beats the excitement and adventure of riding a jet ski along the beachfront and Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Imagine basking in the sun, feeling the refreshing splashes of water, and reaching speeds of up to 55 to 60 miles per hour on a jet ski. It’s the ultimate vacation experience on the grand strand of Myrtle Beach.

With 60 miles of ocean, waterways, and picturesque inlets to explore, jet skiing offers sights and experiences you won’t find on land. You can choose to cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway, taking in the incredible views, or head out into the ocean for high-speed fun. No matter how you ride, it’s an adventure you’ll always remember.

At Action Water Sportz Jet Ski Rentals, we offer brand new jet skis, ensuring the best and most thrilling jet ski experience. Our prices are the best value in Myrtle Beach, and our location is the closest to the ocean, beautiful islands, and breathtaking inlets of North Myrtle Beach and Little River.

Whether you’re looking for a dolphin tour or a leisurely cruise along the coast, Action Water Sportz Jet Ski Rentals has you covered for all your water sports and jet ski needs.

Tips for Riding A Jet Ski with Passengers

Riding double on a Myrtle Beach jet ski, with one rider and one passenger, is a common practice. However, it’s important to consider weight limits to maintain control and stability.

At Action Water Sportz Jet Ski Rentals, we have a firm policy of allowing two people and/or up to 400 lbs per ski. The driver and passenger can switch roles on the water as long as they meet these qualifications. When riding with a passenger, have them hold onto you around the stomach area, similar to riding a motorcycle.

jet skiIt’s crucial for passengers not to lean when the ski is turning, as it can cause the ski to flip over. Encourage your passengers to keep their feet inside the footwells of the ski at all times.

If a passenger falls off the jet ski, they are not attached to the kill switch, so it’s essential for the driver to immediately turn off the engine to avoid any accidents.

Jet Ski Safety Tips

To ensure a safe and enjoyable jet skiing experience along the coastline, keep these tips in mind:

Wear a Life Jacket: Regardless of your swimming skills, always wear a life jacket. It significantly reduces the risk, especially in deeper waters, and minimizes injuries if you fall off the jet ski rental.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings: Remember that you’re not alone in the ocean. Alongside your group, there are boats, other jet skis, and unpredictable wildlife, including jellyfish. Stay vigilant to avoid collisions and potential dangers. When unsure, consult your tour guide for safety instructions.

Know Your Jet Ski’s Safety Features: Jet skis come equipped with various safety features, such as approved fire extinguishers, whistles and horns, and a kill switch lanyard. Familiarize yourself with these features and ask your tour guide for guidance on how to use them in case of an emergency.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption: Just like driving a car, operating a jet ski while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. It puts both you and others at risk, and the Coast Guard strictly penalizes those caught drinking while operating these vehicles.

Utilize Sun Protection: While enjoying the warm sun during your jet ski adventure, protect your skin by using sunscreen. A severe sunburn can ruin the rest of your vacation. Additionally, wear sunglasses or goggles for better visibility on sunny days and to shield your eyes from unwanted splashes.

Embark on an unforgettable jet skiing experience in Myrtle Beach, where excitement, adventure, and safety go hand in hand. Contact Action Water Sportz today to reserve your jet ski rental.

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