Myrtle Beach jet ski

Myrtle Beach jet skiJet skis offer an exciting way to experience the water, whether you’re on an ocean, a lake, or a river. They come in various designs, allowing you to customize your experience. Riding a Myrtle Beach jet ski can be a thrilling adventure, but it’s essential to learn how to do it safely while maximizing your enjoyment. Here are some common ways to ride a jet ski:

Tips For Riding A Myrtle Beach Jet Ski

Stand Up Riding

For those seeking greater control and an adrenaline rush, standing up on a jet ski rental is an option. To do this, position your feet slightly behind your shoulders and a bit back from the handlebars. Keep your knees slightly bent to help you navigate through rough waters. When making turns or jumps, remember to lean to maintain balance.

Sitting Down

Many jet skis are designed for a comfortable seated position. Sit with your feet on the footrests and your back slightly bent. This seating posture helps you absorb the impact of waves and enables you to lean with the Myrtle Beach jet ski jet ski when turning. This ensures smoother turns and reduces the risk of falling.

Being Alert

Safety should always be a priority. Keep an eye out for other jet skis and boats in your vicinity. Before making any turns, check behind you to avoid collisions. Jet skis are highly maneuverable, but it’s crucial not to cut in front of other watercraft to prevent accidents.

Myrtle Beach jet skiRiding with a Passenger

Riding with a passenger when jet skiing changes the dynamics. The added weight can make turning more challenging. Ensure that your passenger leans in the same direction when you turn. Before accelerating from the dock with passengers on board, make sure they are securely seated and emphasize the importance of staying still to maintain stability.


The way you dock your Myrtle Beach jet ski depends on the type of dock you’re using. As you approach the dock, reduce your speed to prevent accidents. In some cases, you may need to perform a sharp turn just before docking. When you’re close to the dock, turn off the engine. Keep in mind that jet skis lose their steering ability when the engine is off.

Safety When Docking

When you approach the shore or dock, switch off the engine and let the jet ski coast. Ensure the water is shallow enough for you to safely disembark without the jet ski in Myrtle Beach running aground. If you’re approaching a deep-water dock, proceed slowly and turn off the engine just before making contact with the dock to prevent any mishaps.

Always prioritize safety and responsible riding while having fun on your jet ski adventure.

Enjoy the thrill of riding a jet ski while keeping yourself and others safe on the water. Call Action Water Sportz now.

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