dolphin watch

dolphin watchYou’ve been planning a great sea adventure with the family and you decide to take the kids along. Then why not take them on a dolphin watch tour so they can appreciate nature and its wonderful creatures. To get them ready for the big dolphin sea adventure, it’s important that they become interested in what they are about to see. You can do this by sharing some important facts regarding dolphins.

Important Facts About Dolphins

Did you know that dolphins are very intelligent and are well-loved by humans?

There are 43 different species of dolphins, 38 of these are marine dolphins while 5 are river dolphins. When you go on a dolphin tour, you’re lucky if you see dolphins leaping 30 feet up from the water to get some air. You can easily recognize dolphins with their grayish blue color.

Did you know that dolphins have the most effective hearing in the world?

While it holds true that dolphins have an impressive hearing, the “best hearing” title goes to the moth. The truth is Dolphins are renowned for their capability to listen to unbelievably high frequencies. This is why they are especially experienced at making use of echolocation in locating as well as interaction.

Did you know that dolphins are hairless?

This statement may not necessarily be true in the early stages of a dolphin’s life. Youthful dolphins are typically born with hair, which tends to fall out not long after birth. Dolphins frequently have hair around their nose but these also fall out so grown-up dolphins are practically hairless. However, their hair roots can still be observed.

Did you know that when dolphins are around, sharks steer clear?

This is a fascinating idea concerning dolphins that could not be totally verified somehow. While a lot of anecdotal proof suggest that sharks could be afraid of dolphins that they typically steer clear of them. Studies show that sharks do not really fear dolphins, others assume that sharks just try to stay away from dolphins in a group.

Did you know that the Orca or what they the “Killer Whale” is actually a dolphin?

There’s actually a little confusion right there, the Orca is called as such not because it’s a whale that kills but because these dolphins actually kill whales.

Did you know that you can get guided dolphin tour in Myrtle Beach?

Action Water Sportz offers a guided Dolphin Watch Myrtle Beach trip on their brand new Jet Ski. The trip lasts about two hours so you need to bring essentials on your way.


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