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jet skiMost of my summer vacations are spent riding a jet ski in Myrtle Beach. I can confidently say I know a few things about jet skis and jet skiing. That’s why sometimes I can’t help but laugh about some of the things I hear people saying about jet skiing. Just by listening to both locals and vacationers, I can always tell that either they are a bit misinformed or that they simply have no idea what they are talking about.

Incredible myths about jet skiing

1.Jet skis are mere toys

Although riding a jet ski is all about relaxing and having fun, a jet ski is definitely more technically advanced than just a mere toy. And operating one is serious business that requires strict adherence to all the safety rules of boating safety. Jet skis, just like any other recreational watercraft requires high standards of safety and etiquette. Action Water Sportz always sends a guide with every group of jet skiers. They have a high regard for not only their customers but also for the machines they are riding. The guide’s purpose is to ensure that everyone has fun and stays safe at the same time.

2.Bugs and sunburns are a put-off 

I heard someone say that a jet ski Myrtle Beach will not protect you from the sun. That’s true, it won’t. But should that stop you from enjoying yourself? There is sunscreen to protect you from the sun. As for the bugs, they can’t follow you all over the place. Plus you can really help yourself by riding with your mouth closed! Surely, that’s not too much to ask, is it?

3.They are way too noisy

Granted, jet skis were quite loud in their early days. But times have changed and technology has advanced. Thanks to technology, a lot of the engine noise has been suppressed. Unless one is wave jumping or playing around with the jet ski, its noise is not too much at all.

4.Jet skiing is an extreme sport

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that jet skiing is just as fun as any ground-based sport. So is the process of learning to manipulate a jet ski through the water at a considerable speed. Jet skiing is also safe as long as all the safety rules are followed. Our guides will review all of the local rules prior to leaving the dock. They ensure everyone is wearing the proper safety equipment and understands the operation of the personal watercraft. Riding through water waves with your hair blowing in the wind is such a thrilling experience that I would recommend anyone to try.

5. Too many waves and wake

Jet skis don’t make tsunamis on the water. Jet skis leave behind much smaller wakes compared to much larger boats and cruisers. They only produce wakes created by the engine propulsion and nothing more. And the wakes disappear in a matter of seconds. Even though a jet ski produces a smaller wake, you need to adhere to the local no-wake zones.

6. Jet skiing is all about getting wet

This misconception has been fuelled by manufacturers’ promotional videos and brochures that show guys on jet skis getting sprayed and splashed with water. I personally don’t mind getting wet, especially on a hot summer day. The truth is that on a jet ski, you will only get wet if you want to, or unless someone else accidentally soaks you.

Bottom line

If you are looking forward to enjoying a jet ski ride for the first time, don’t get caught up in all the myths and misconceptions out there. Jet skiing in Myrtle Beach is an enjoyable, if not the most enjoyable, activity that you will most likely love.

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