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jet skiDuring the summer season, everybody is excited and race out to the beach for boating season. The weather is wonderful and you have all the things you need or at least you think you have everything. You, your friends or relatives have a WaveRunner, Jet Ski, Sea Doo, or other personal water crafts and you are all set to go. But there’s one thing you need to remember, your personal watercraft won’t go anywhere if you don’t have a boating license.

Many people are confused about licensing when it comes to personal water

craft. Did you know that even though personal watercrafts don’t look like boats, they are actually classified as one and are bound by the same boating laws as a 40 foot yacht?

A PWC is a small vessel that makes use of an inboard jet as its main source of propulsion. The operator could either be standing, sitting, or kneeling on the vessel instead of riding in it.

Back in 2002, accidents involving personal watercrafts accounted for 19% of the total boating accident for that year. These percentage included 770 casualties. Personal watercrafts need to share the waterways with much bigger boats, and it is crucial to know how to legally and safely operate them. With your life jacket and boating license, you will be much prepared to drive your jet ski Myrtle Beach.

There is not a different course for a jet ski license. It’s included in the NASBLA-approved boating safety course in your state. The requirements as to who needs a boating license to drive a personal watercraft differ by state and are determined by age, in most cases. But, your state could also consider certain factors like vessel length, vessel type, driver’s license, supervision of licensed owners, age of the supervised license owners.

Apart from needed a boating license or certificate, there are other requirements, a few state specific, which applies only to the personal watercrafts. These include who can be towed or ride on a personal watercraft, ignition safety switch, operation based on the time of the day, US Coast Guard-approved personal floatation device.

Failing to meet these requirements or not having a license at all, could result in a fine by the law enforcement department of your state. Several citations could mean a fine as well as enrolling in a boating safety course. If you wish to save money and time, as well as prevent causing injuries to yourself and to others then you should take the course before you heat out onto the water riding a jet ski rental.

All the details you need to know about PWCs are included in the boating safety course of every state. Units are separated into topics that cover the maintenance, operation, and mechanical details. Even if your state does not need a license for your personal watercraft, it might still be required by your insurance company.

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