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boat rentalsIf you don’t own a boat or are traveling, boat rentals are an excellent option. While boat rental might seem simple — you just pay a deposit and grab the keys — there are some things to consider to ensure you enjoy a fun and safe day on the water.

Tips When Looking For Boat Rentals

1. What you want. If you want to go fishing with your buddies, a ski boat won’t do. Call ahead to ensure that the boat rental place offers deck boats, sailboats, or any other type of boat you desire.

2. Reservations are required. Have you set a date for a boat rental in your mind? Make a reservation. It’s no fun to get everyone ready only to find out that no boats are available at the rental company’s front desk.

2. Compare prices. Many pontoon boat rental companies rent for a half-day, a full-day or if you want to go longer. Select the option that suits your needs.

3. Walkthrough. Ensure your rental boat works properly and is in good condition before you hand over your credit card. Ask the operator to walk you through the boat and point out important items such as the bilge pump, battery switches, etc. Verify that all safety equipment required is present and in working order.

boat rentals4. Prepare yourself. Do not underestimate the amount of preparation you need if you are renting in a different area or driving a boat you have never driven before. You must ensure that the vessel you are renting has the most recent charts and maps to navigate safely. You should be extra cautious if this is your first experience on a pontoon, sailboat or other watercraft.

5. Do you have a float plan? Do it even if the Myrtle Beach boat rental company doesn’t require it, especially if your area is unfamiliar. If there’s an onboard radio, make sure you can use it. Also, take your phone and a list of numbers to call if needed.

6. Check your insurance. When renting a pontoon boat in Myrtle Beach, you should consider your insurance. Renting a vehicle is different. The majority of rental companies carry liability insurance to protect them but do not provide insurance coverage for you.

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