jet ski rentals north myrtle beach

jet ski rentals north myrtle beachIf you want to ride a jet ski rentals North Myrtle Beach for the first time and you would like to get some beginner’s tips, then this post is for you. Listed below are some recommendations on what you need to do to make your experience more enjoyable.

Jet Ski Rentals North Myrtle Beach Tips For Beginners

Equipment you need to have for jet skiing

  • Keep an ID in a dry bag
  • Registration numbers
  • Safety lanyard
  • Air horn or whistle
  • Fire extinguisher (Coast Guard Approved)
  • Life jacket for everyone who rides the jet ski

Recommended tools for jet skis

  • Solar charger
  • Distress flag
  • Shock tube
  • Skier down flag when you pull someone
  • Anchor
  • Baylor or bilge pump
  • Sunscreen
  • First aid kit
  • Smartphone

Things you should not do when you rent a jet ski Myrtle Beach

  • Don’t do anything stupid
  • Don’t drive under the influence
  • Don’t go jet skiing after sunset
  • Don’t start your jet ski in a spot with water that’s less than waist deep

Take a boaters safety course

New riders must take a boaters safety course. Some states do not need it while others require it for those who are underage. Everybody should take the test regardless of the age.

Wear your life jacket

As its name suggests, a life jacket will save your life regardless if you know how to swim or not. A life jacket will save you in case you fall off your jet ski and for some reason you cannot swim because you passed out, got hurt, or got a cramp. Don’t forget to bring a whistle too. In most states, it is required for the driver of the jet ski rental to be within reach by keeping it attacked to your life jacket at all times.

Wear the right gear

Wearing the right gear is crucial when you’re engaging in Myrtle Beach water sports.

Dry bag

You need to have important documents like insurance, boaters ID, drivers licenses, and cash in case you need gas. You should bring your phone too and keep it in your dry box.

Safety lanyard

It is a cord that you have to attach to you and the jet ski. The safety lanyard will turn the engine off if you fall off from the watercraft. Be sure that the safety lanyard is attached to you when you’re riding a jet ski. Attach it on your life jacket or to your wrist. If you fall off and the safety lanyard is not attached, your jet ski may drift away from you, hit you, or crash into somebody else.

Jet ski controls

Before you head out, you should learn the controls of your jet ski rental. You should know where the on and off buttons are and the gauges. Be sure to turn on the gas and no check engine lights turned on. You should learn the triggers if the watercraft has breaks.


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