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jet skiJet skiing is fun and exciting, but you need to do it safely or it could become dangerous. Jet ski drivers who are not experienced can make mistakes especially if it’s their first time.

Action Water Sportz wants all of our renters to have the opportunity to experience something new on the water, but it should be fun and safe.

These are the top mistakes you should avoid when first learning to ride a jet ski.

Jet skiing is a sport that involves riding at high speeds.

People long for the adrenaline rush of zipping across the water at high speeds. Although it sounds great, it can be dangerous, especially for beginners. You should not go too fast, and keep your speed safe.

Looking at the handlebars.

Many first-time jet ski riders have trouble keeping the jet ski straight. This common problem is easily solved. It is important to focus when driving, just like you would with a car. New jet skiers often stare at the handlebars while driving. This can cause them to veer off to the side and prevent them from having a clear view of what’s ahead.

Improper reboarding.

Sometimes you may fall off the jet ski. It is okay to get off your jet ski, but it is crucial that you know how to reboard it. Reboarding is done from the stern. That’s boating lingo! The jet ski might turn over if you board it from another place.

Jet skis don’t have brakes.

This is a common mistake made by many first-time riders who end up damaging their jet ski rentals in Myrtle Beach when they reach the shore. It is important to release the throttle and to use reverse to maneuver if needed.

Action Water Sportz offers jet skiing, which is a great pastime. Safety is our number one priority. Avoiding these common mistakes will make your experience more enjoyable. Contact us if you have any questions.

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