boatingThis article will help you plan your next boating adventure, whether you are looking to rent, buy, or lease a boat. Pontoon boat rentals are extremely popular. We want you to be as prepared as possible before you get on the boat to enjoy a day on water.

You don’t want to forget something once you have started your trip. This list can be saved or printed to remind you of important things while you prepare.

Be sure to keep your safety equipment in mind before we start our Must-Have List. These items are not included in our list because we use pontoon boat rentals. All the safety equipment is already included as part of our rental.

Here’s a list of safety equipment you should have when you go boating.

  • Life Jackets
  • Anchor
  • Horns or other sounding devices
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flares
  • Identifications/Licences: Drivers License, Fishing/Crabbing License
  • Communication via VHF/Phone Radio

Once you’ve got all the essentials for a safe and enjoyable boating Myrtle Beach adventure, let’s dive into the Must-Haves to make sure your boat trip is memorable. We have listed the top 10 items in no particular order.


This is essential, even on cloudy days. Sunburn + Vacation = Most boats (all our pontoon rental boats) have at least some shade, but you still have the chance of getting some sun. You can also get more sunburned from the reflection of the water. You can also bring an extra bottle to use a few times on your boating trip.


Keep your favorite drink cool and add water. Being out in the sun, sweating or swimming can cause thirst. It can be a frustrating experience to be on a boat at the bottom of the bay, without any beverages. To keep your fluids hydrated, you can put a few water bottles, sodas or other adult beverages in a cooler (below).


Cooler/Ice is a must-have for keeping your water and other adult beverages cool (mentioned previously). If you’re going on a boat, it’s likely to be hot and sunny so it is important to make sure your drinks are kept cold. Let’s face it, who wants warm sodas or hot water? !


Towels can be used to dry off after swimming, or for relaxing on a float. It can be very depressing to stay soaking wet for long periods of time. Having a day to dry off can make a difference in whether your day is good or bad. The sun can also help you dry off if you forget.


You may need to change your clothes after a day on the water. You might also plan to dock at a bayside eatery. If you’re boating closer towards sunset, when the temperature drops, extra clothing will help you stay warm.

6.) FOOD

Food is key when you get angry, especially if your day is spent on the water. Even if you pack a lunch, we recommend that you bring a packed lunch to have onboard. You can also stop at a local sandbar for lunch. There are many options for eating out while boating.


Water can get onto your boat and cause damage. To keep your valuables (phones, cameras, purses) safe and dry, bring a dry bag.


Water toys and floating toys are great for when there is no anchor to drop or you just want to relax and have fun. Insider tip: Make sure to bring a rope or string with you so that you can attach your float to the boat. This will prevent you from floating away.


If you aren’t boating while listening to your favorite music then you might not be boating. Music is essential for any boating trip. Enjoy your favourite music and connect to our Bluetooth speakers.


Depending on the location of your boat, you have two options: either you bring your own tackle and bait or rent it. Action Water Sportz has everything you need for a great day of fishing or crabbing.

These are the essential items to have a safe and enjoyable day on the water. Call Action Water Sportz if you’re looking for pontoon boat rentals.

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